Thursday, 24 February 2011

Reading Week :) ! HUZZAH! now for severe procrastination !

Well, its technically not reading week till next week, but my lessons have been cancelled so YAY HOME TIME! My dad came and picked me up yesterday at about 6pm and we made the epic journey from Bath to Ulverston, arriving home at about 10.30ishpm. Was a mega journey.

ANNNNYYYYWWAAAYYYYY... moving on to some random things that I think is pretty cool.

Firstly, Cornish pasties have been given protected status by the European Commission. Yep, its true. And I think its a reall good idea. Last year I lived with two people from Cornwall, and was educated in the difference between a home-made and a shop-bought pasty, and damn straight the home made ones are better.  Pastys can still be baked elsewhere in Britain but would need to have been prepared in Cornwall.
Another thing that I found weird and quite interesting is this.... Moving the UK's clocks forward has always been controversial. Now the government's new tourism strategy, due out in the next few weeks, is expected to suggest "double summertime" .... Say What?
It would see clocks move forward by an hour from GMT in the winter and a further hour in the summer, to match Central European Time, meaning lighter nights but darker mornings (AND LESS SLEEP DAMMIT!!). The opposing arguement is from Scotland. They say that for years the case in favour of DST has struggled because of Scotland. If it was introduced some of the northern-most areas would not see daylight until 10am during the winter months. Opponents argue this would increase accidents and make farmers' lives harder.
What do you guys think? I personally think it wouldn't be a good idea and agree with Scotlands arguement. But what do you guys think?
And on a final note. This weird and wonderful story from Brazil.... 
A woman in Brazil was shocked to find an alligator hiding behind her sofa after heavy rains flooded her house in the town of Parauapebas, in Para state..... thats right... AN ALLIGATOR !!!! and whats even scarier is she said she was alerted to the reptile's presence by her three-year-old son, who was patting its head.... WOW! how weird is that ! The firefighters said the family was lucky the reptile was not hungry!

Well, thats all I have time for today, as I have to actually do some work at some point in the day.

On a final note, I just want to dedicate this part of my blog to those currently suffering in Christchurch due to the devistation that hit on monday. Heres hoping that people are found and that as many people as possible are safe. My thoughts are with you all.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day ALLLLLLLLLL!

This is my Valentimes Day Card to all you lovely people in the land of Blogger :)
Hope you have all had a great day :) <3

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Doctor Who Blogging Goodness...Series 6 !

Note.... The will be spoilers in this as its about series 6.

If you don't want to know..

....I SAID NOW !!!

Thats right, the inner nerd in me has finally exploded. It was going to happen sooner or later but here is my first Doctor Who blog :D!!! YAY !!
Right here we go. Matt Smith is bringing us in to series 6 (I say series 6, its actually series 32) with the lovely Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) with some KICK ASS action !!!

Things to expect this on coming series-

1. The return of River Song - will we finally find out who she is ? and what she is going to do to the Doctor ? Apparently according to sources her character will truly been shown this series *does happy dance*!!!

2.  What monster will be attempting to take over the world this series ?
  • The Silence will appear (will be interesting how they will do that one).
  • Nazis will make an appearance. (? that I didnt expect!)
  • At least one Ood will make an appearance.
  • Sontarans will appear.
  • Cybermen will appear in Demons Run.
  • Pirates will appear (most likely in episode 3 by Steve Thompson). WHICH IS JUST EXCITING !!!!
  • The monsters in the opening two parter are said to be "the scariest monsters yet".
  • Episode 9 will feature life-size dolls.
  • Episode 5 and 6 will feature incomplete clones.
  • Originally it was reported that there will be no monsters from the classic series returning this year.
3. Steven Moffat has claimed he is only writing 6 episodes, including A Christmas Carol. There remains confusion over the other episodes he will write. However it has been confirmed that he will write the two parter, opening episode. Confusion remians over the other three episodes he will write, as it been rumoured he will write both parts of the cliffhanger episodes and both parts of the finale.

4. Last but not least... the mortifying truth that....

There will be a three-month wait between the series split.....
WHAT !! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME DOCTOR WHO GODS THAT BE !!! WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weeps* Not impressed.
Ah well, at least it will keep us on our toes I guess *wipes away tears*

Hope you enjoyed my Doctor Who blogging! There will be plenty more !

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Woooo! Blog Award :D!

Well this is cool !! I've been nominated by the lovely Miss La Mer, who is awesome !, for a blog award ! How cool :)!

it is the ...
Which is pretty damn cool !
Ok so The Rules are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you have recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award.

Ok, well here goes !

1. I am Northern. And proud of it. I dwell in the tiny town of Ulverston in the Lake District. (note - its not actually black and white imagine it in colour !)
2. I am a big Doctor Who nerd. Literally, NOTHING can beat it. David Tennant has been my Doctor, however I do love the Tom Baker series.

3. I love comedy and think that Lee Evans is freakin hilarious !!! I have a long list of other comedians who I love however he is top of the list!
4.  I would love my blog to get out there for people to read and for me to be able to read more peoples stuff! so if you are reading this and know of any cool blogs feel free to send me a link because that would awesome!

5. I am so happy that I have a truly amazing boyfriend, Dan. He's put up with me crying, winging, cranky, happy and generally being weird. He should have a medal, the flippin Victoria Cross. He is awesome in everyway, absolute nutter and always picks the right moment to put the kettle on :) ! love you dude <3  

6. My sister. Ah. How to describe her....... nuts. Completely out of her tree at times. But shes execptionally awesome. If I ever need a laugh I can turn to her and she will no doubt endveour to do something that makes her look like a tit to help me feel better. Hope you are reading this gayface, sending you lovage from Bath.

7. I have a brilliant set of friends. Both in Bathland and in the glorious homeland of the North. You all have made me tres happy, and you are all absolutely brilliant. I wouldn't swap you guys for the world. Sending love to all over the UK to make everyone smile (or vomit however you view this somewhat soppy blog :P)

My blogs I am nominating for this award ARE.... drum roll please !!!  -

 Congratters to all !