Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....it must be I'm blogging !!

Well, Hello there !
Yes that's right I have FINALLY finished my assessments that were due in and I finally have some time to relax, blog and wrap presents. I am SO glad that I am heading home for Christmas this weekend, it feels like it has been a right haul to get here. 

And to start off this blog,
Merry Christmas all!

Yes, everyone dust off your Santa Hats and crack out the mince pies, as it's that time of year again. I have every intention to have an awesome Christmas and I hope you have one too. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I feel that certain things HAVE to happen at Christmas, or else it wouldn't be Christmas.

Here is my list of necessities at Christmas.........

1. Some houses near me ALWAYS have completely tacky and horrendous Christmas lights. But, if they weren't up, it wouldn't be Christmas. While driving to see my other relatives, me and my family rated the houses upon how they look out of 10. An example.... this house would get around a 3 
It's a bit basic, but tasteful. It's not to the extreme and it doesn't prove to be blinding. 
Unlike this house for example..... which would probably get around a 9.5..... 
Because this my friends, is MENTAL. Awesome and a complete drain on any kind of electrical appliances. But AWESOME ! and hilarious. 

2. Really crap presents. Every year, there is always that one present that you look at an think..... how on earth did they look at that and think "She'll love that !!!". To this day, nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will beat my uncle's Christmas present that he gave me two years ago. A glittery box of toilet rolls. That's right my friend. TOILET ROLLS ! He worked for Kimberly Clark which is a toilet roll company, showing he just nicked some loo roll from work !!!! lazy bugger. 
3. Brussels Sprouts. The bane of the Christmas dinner plate. Ergh. I only ever have to eat one as proof I have actually eaten one. It's kind of turned into a Christmas tradition...mainly because if I don't eat it grandma won't let me have any of the chocolates. After eating it, I can then move on to the more important part of the dinner, roast potatoes and gravy !!! yummy :) 
4. The sheer amount of chocolate. I have no idea what justifies the intense amount of chocolate and sweets but DAMN its good. I love the fact that everyone eats soooo much chocolate, when we don't need to. We just do !!! Every year, there is always the tin of Quality Streets or Roses that just go, apart from the crappy coconut ones. No one ever seems to eat them though. 

5. Mince Pies. These blighters serve no purpose at any other time of year, but once Christmas comes around BOOM I am like a mince pie scoffer !! Its the traditional part of Christmas and the home made ones are always the better ones ! nom nom !

6. Finally, the anticipation. I might be 20 years old, but nothing will stop me for running to bed on the 24th December and getting excited at the thought of getting presents! The anticipation of Christmas day is amazing ! any ages from 10 to 100 you will still turn into that child which runs to bed at ridiculous o'clock and wake up MAJORLY early in order to see if Santa has been!

Well that's my list ! I wish everyone the best of luck in looking for Christmas presents and Blog sooooon !

Merry Christmas