Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever ! - Part 1

Rullleee Britainniaaaa, Brit-ains goooonnneee wedding mad!

And its great! Its mad ! I have royally (hehe) parked my backside on the sofa with my dad and we are watching all the hype that is leading up to the event itself. It all kicks off at 11 so we have a lot of time to go.

Now. One important aspect for the event for me.... THE HATS ! Literally, some of them are
hilarious. Victoria Beckham is rocking one awesome bit of hatware, which alas I have no picture yet, but in my next blog I SHALL FIND A PICTURE!!!

My dad informed me that apparently no one ever wears anything from like Debenhams or a high street in case they get snapped by the press and considered "Cheep" in their royal wedding hat wear. I have no idea why my dad knows this... and am slightly worried. If I was going to wear a hat or something I would go for something a bit like this......

Its elaborate and a colourful so its a win win for my liking!

My Boyfriends Dad, Ste, informed me that Morrisons is out of bunting. Shows that people like a bit of bunting on royal wedding day ! But they have some flags left, so if you need to get your flag on, GET TO MORRISONS!

All week at work (I work in a Building Society, its thrilling....) I have been asked, "What are you doing for the royal wedding?" I have always responded "I don't know what about you?" as I didn't know what I was doing. Hear are some of my responses......
"Not watching it! Gonna....Gonna.....Play footie" *grunts and scratches himself* ... I was like ergh ! Its gonna be fun !
"I HAVE MY FLAGS HERE LOOOOOK" *shows me about 20 flags* "THEY WERE ON OFFER!"... lil bit weird ! but bless em !
"I'm having a get together of people over my house to celebrate! going to have a bbq and a few cheeky bevvies!"...I WANT AN INVITE!...hang on...cheeky bevvies at 11 in the morning??? (bevvies - northern talk for alcohol!)

Another thing that happened one day at work...... I was sat doing work when some people of the older generation came in and I heard this.....
"Its so lovely we are having a royal wedding, will bring the country together. I think Will and Kate look lovely together ! I cannot wait for the event to occur!" .... I thought this was lovely even if they did sound like Will and Kates parents!....
Now... about an hour later... some people of the younger generation came in......
"Mate, seriously, Kate Middleton is well fit. Wouldn't mind being Will after the wedding. Finally a Queen who'll be fit *laughs like an idiot*".... I didn't know how to react but I laughed ALOT. Just goes to show how big the generation gap really is!

I would like however to take a moment to say Congratulations to the happy couple and hope that this event brings countries, people and morale all together.

I don't get where my invite to this event went. Maybe the Queen has my old number....but a facebook might have been nice !!!! Call me Lizzie we must do lunch ! =) !

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ULTIMATE Gaming Tattooooo's and R.I.P Elizabeth Sladen

Literally, everyone I know and their mum's are getting a tattoo recently!! literally! Its weird! this not only got me thinking that I might get one.... if I wasn't terrified! I was wondering could people tell me a bit about there experiances with tattoo's and stuff, might boost my confidence a bit ? AND the other day I saw someone had written something about gaming tattoo's and taking the game to the ink. I thought it was cool and thought I would display some of these awesome tats to you lovely bloggers !


This is one detailed back tattoo!! So intricate, pretty and Zelda !

This is pretty cool! Heard of gaming being in the blood but hey, it's a new one to have a controller coming out of your body!

I feel this must have been a fairly painful tattoo to get done! But YAY PACMAN !!

Respect your roots. Enough said !

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA! *DRAMATIC MUSIC!* I like the emphasis on the triforce ! looking good my friend!

Seriously, IF and thats a bloody BIG IF! I had to get any of these tattoo's IT WOULD SO BE THIS ONE!! How cute is kirby on this sleeeeeve!!! SO CUTE !!! It's so detailed and everything on it is UBER cute !!! I like the rainbow especially!

There you go all you happy clappy people ! I hope you are having a lovely day and that you are all superly duperly !

However, on a sad note, I dedicate this part of my blog to Elizabeth Sladen. R.I.P. You were truly amazing and will be in the hearts of Doctor Who fans forever. <3

You will be deeply missed by all.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who would you invite to tea ?

I have decided to start off (hopefully) a blog that will catch on !

I got asked the question recently "If you could invite any 5 people, dead or alive, to a dinner who would you invite ?" I think this is really cool question and one I have been thinking about. It's also a question I pose to you lot now!

Write a blog that list 5 famous or not famous, dead or alive, people who you want to invite to a dinner do! then link it back to me and spread the word! Its just a bit of fun and would be cool if it took off !

My dinner party guest list would be.... *drum rolllll please*.......

1. Numero uno, come on this guy would be AWESOME to talk to !! like literally !! This man is the brains behind The Importance of being Ernest and Dorian Grey and he is just so freakin clever ! might feel a tad unacedemic around him but I don't care! he would be top of my list Mr Oscar Wilde *bows in awe of his awesomeness*...
2. Well I consider him to be uber sexy and an all round FABULOUS actor. He can not only strike me down with a glance but he also seems like the nicest guy ever ! literally he looks like someone you can actually have a laugh with ! which is a first for most actors ! hehehe ! He is the Tecspacular JOHNNY DEPP!!...phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

3. She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen and I would LOVE to sit and have a brew and a chinwag with her because she is so lovely ! Miss Dita Vin Teeeeese !
4. This man is the face of QI and would be funny to get him on the same table as Oscar Wilde as he played him in the film! AND I managed to quote him in a uni essay of mine ! he is the ever awesome ....STEPHEN FRY ! WOOOO

5. And finallllyyyy! and last, but by NO means least ! My Doctor ! no I don't mean my GP Doctor Rathi. My awesome Doctor Mr David Tennant. I have a lot of respect for this man and He is a truly amazing actor. He made Doctor Who as popular as it is in the modern era, he was and will always be my doctor *weeps!* HE IS AWESOME !

Well there you go peeps! Now its your turn! if you choose to accept this mission, can you do me a favour, I want to be able to see more blogs and read other peoples work and such. SO once you have a go at it , could you post a link on my comments section so I can have a sneaky read? would be lovely to be able to read other peoples blogs :) !

Muchos thanks and have fun doing this !!
Abbly xxxxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I have royally turned into a hermit....and talking about Gods with incredibly big Hammer

literally, all I have done this week is hide in the Library doing work because I have a 2000 word Samuel Richardson Clarissa essay in and a 1500 personal development programme (not actually sure what that is but hey I attempted if I fail they can shove it !) and a 500 word CV. Yep.

Boring I know....

....and to top it off...

its been sunny... like actual sun..... lasted more than a day !!! RECORD for me anyway ...gimme a break I'm northern!

Theres only so much one girl can handle !

NOW ! after that complete winge ! another of my cool film review.....



Yep thats right, I just watched the advert and MY GOD Chris Hemsworth is a mighty fine looking lad !!
I think the best word that can possibly describe this is phwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Watch out for this God and his HUGGGGEE....


The plot is the powerful, but arrogant, warrior Thor who is cast out of the Godly realm of Asgard for his reckless actions that reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth, stripped of his powers and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.
Natalie Portman plays the gorgeous Jane Foster who is Thors love interest and also a scientist and Anthony Hopkins plays Odin high mighty God of Asgard and father of Thor ! how cool is that !!
It sounds like a truly epic film !!

I have high hopes for this film and will write another review after seeing it!

and I shall just leave this wonderful picture......nom nom !

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Seriously....why have I never heard of Swishing before !!!

Ok... I will be the first to say I am not the most fashionable person in the land....

But at a Swishing event I went to the other night, I grabbed some pretty cool swishes !!
Now, for all you lovelies who do not know what swishing is, I didn't til the other night. It is basically, you take as many items of unwanted clothes,e.g. jeans that don't fit or that horrendous shirt thats hidden in the back of your wardrobe, as you want e.g.5 items of clothing and you swap it for other items that people have brought that catch your eye and that you actually would wear! all for FREEEEEE!

What I took with me -

1. Pair of awful jeans - so much jeweling on the backside you could hang me from the ceiling and use me as a glitter ball.
2. A plain blue t-shirt - I used to wear it for the gym and its just plain boring.
3. A Hello Kitty t-shirt - It was my sisters, who is a bit bigger in the bust than I am and I didn't really like it.
4. A Jumper T-shirt thing - It was uber small for me.....*cries*...damn me putting on a bit of podge !!
5. A cream weird cardigan thingy - It was many sizes too big.

I returned with ! -

1. A Jack Skellington t-shirt for my wonderful Boyfriend ! -
2. A blue and cream jumper, t-shirty thing -
3. A racing green jumper from Zara (this isnt the exact jumper but its close enough! Its well fitting and its really cute!)-

4. A really nice back shirt, with cream ruffles and on the ruffles there were black stars and lines. I cant even find a picture its that nice ! so I shall have to take a picture of me in it and get it on here!

5. Finally, My friend Jess's dress - I have always like it and it kinda looks like this dress - except with alot more lace and no collar.
I seriously reccommend going to a swishing event! they are so much fun and you never know what you will find!!