Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever ! - Part 1

Rullleee Britainniaaaa, Brit-ains goooonnneee wedding mad!

And its great! Its mad ! I have royally (hehe) parked my backside on the sofa with my dad and we are watching all the hype that is leading up to the event itself. It all kicks off at 11 so we have a lot of time to go.

Now. One important aspect for the event for me.... THE HATS ! Literally, some of them are
hilarious. Victoria Beckham is rocking one awesome bit of hatware, which alas I have no picture yet, but in my next blog I SHALL FIND A PICTURE!!!

My dad informed me that apparently no one ever wears anything from like Debenhams or a high street in case they get snapped by the press and considered "Cheep" in their royal wedding hat wear. I have no idea why my dad knows this... and am slightly worried. If I was going to wear a hat or something I would go for something a bit like this......

Its elaborate and a colourful so its a win win for my liking!

My Boyfriends Dad, Ste, informed me that Morrisons is out of bunting. Shows that people like a bit of bunting on royal wedding day ! But they have some flags left, so if you need to get your flag on, GET TO MORRISONS!

All week at work (I work in a Building Society, its thrilling....) I have been asked, "What are you doing for the royal wedding?" I have always responded "I don't know what about you?" as I didn't know what I was doing. Hear are some of my responses......
"Not watching it! Gonna....Gonna.....Play footie" *grunts and scratches himself* ... I was like ergh ! Its gonna be fun !
"I HAVE MY FLAGS HERE LOOOOOK" *shows me about 20 flags* "THEY WERE ON OFFER!"... lil bit weird ! but bless em !
"I'm having a get together of people over my house to celebrate! going to have a bbq and a few cheeky bevvies!"...I WANT AN INVITE!...hang on...cheeky bevvies at 11 in the morning??? (bevvies - northern talk for alcohol!)

Another thing that happened one day at work...... I was sat doing work when some people of the older generation came in and I heard this.....
"Its so lovely we are having a royal wedding, will bring the country together. I think Will and Kate look lovely together ! I cannot wait for the event to occur!" .... I thought this was lovely even if they did sound like Will and Kates parents!....
Now... about an hour later... some people of the younger generation came in......
"Mate, seriously, Kate Middleton is well fit. Wouldn't mind being Will after the wedding. Finally a Queen who'll be fit *laughs like an idiot*".... I didn't know how to react but I laughed ALOT. Just goes to show how big the generation gap really is!

I would like however to take a moment to say Congratulations to the happy couple and hope that this event brings countries, people and morale all together.

I don't get where my invite to this event went. Maybe the Queen has my old number....but a facebook might have been nice !!!! Call me Lizzie we must do lunch ! =) !

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