Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fetch me the sympathy blanket I'm ill!!

That's right people.. I'm ill :(
its kicked off in the last couple of days, bad stomach pains, gag reflex playing up big time and just general arhgle barghle feeling.
I haven't had the chance to blog much recently as I have been away, seen more of my family, spent time with the boyfriend and just tried to relax....whilst working a sh*t load in between.

Exciting things -
I went to Wales :) not the animal, the part of the United Kingdom that I believed only sheep and my friend Becky inhabited, until my friend Cara went to uni there. I didn't get chance to take any pictures which made me sad but I can regale the tale to you all. I haven't seen Cara in what feels like a million years.... ok it might have been since Christmas, but I grabbed my friend Danii, the third vital wheel in our trio and set of to Wales to spend a few days amongst the Welshies. I can honestly say we will be doing it again. The journey down there was pretty easy due to the yoinking of my sister's sat nav we managed to navigate our way there. When we arrived we went for food in a lovely place called the Fat Cat Cafe (Bangor, Wales) which was lovely, a tad pricey but lovely food. We then hit tesco, bought wine, nibbles and food for us to live off for the few day we were there. From then on it was laughs and inappropriate banter all the way. We went to see the film Ted, which is brilliant, however there was a moment which Danii found so funny she nearly vomited due to her laughing so much. Cara and I couldn't stop laughing at Danii laughing, it was a vicious cycle. If you love Family Guy and that kind of humour then that is the film for you, its brilliant.
The next day we went to the zoo! We thought, how about Chester zoo because its a pretty big zoo. We then looked and it would be about £50 for 3 of us and thought HELLS TO THE NO. But Cara saved the day by recommending the Welsh Mountain Zoo and I am glad she did because it was lovely! We wanted to kidnap tiny monkeys but couldn't find a way to without being caught. It was sad times. The icing on top of the fabulous trip to the zoo was when we went to watch the sea lion display and my friend Danii dropped her phone in the enclosure while everything was going on. That's right. IN the enclosure. I couldn't stop laughing, thankfully she got it back but DAMN it was funny.

The evenings were filled with drinking wine and being merry, mainly playing drunk games of "I have never...." and listing off things only Danii had done, which is always fun. We also managed to watch a lot of Eddie Izzard DVD's so all in all a awesome trip. I love you both.

I am finally feeling OK with the fact I have moved home. My parents have been good, Mum's had a few moments but I should have seen that one coming a mile off. At the moment, I am a bit down because I am missing living with my friends. I miss my Jess running in a serenading me and us always doing things together. I miss Becky coming over and drinking tea in the lounge. I miss Liv being bat sh*t crazy and flinging squishy cow at me. I miss Dave and the grumpy state he gets in when Coventry loses. I miss Lee and his huggableness (yes that is a word). I miss Aline and her randomness. I miss Ant and Coral and hope they are successful in their mission to become pirates (YOU BETTER GET A SHIP DAMMIT!!) I miss Vicky with her drunken and hilarious ways. I miss Hannah as she is my beautiful gymnastic dinosaur and she always will be. I miss Maz (my marginly hairy biker) and Abbie (Hedwig) because I know my classes aren't going to be the same again. I miss Rosie and going round her house and her cooking me cake. I miss them all but know that they are all fabulous and I will see them all again :) .....I better bloody had do!
GAH! getting emotional again!!

Well...moving on.....I got my old job back (HUZZAH!) which means pennies! (EVEN BIGGER HUZZAH!) so yeah am back at the good ole Furness Building Society. Its good and I am getting to move around branches and meet new people which is always nice :). So hopefully I can save up enough to visit everyone. 

At the moment, apart from working, I am bricking it about starting uni soon. You know when you want to get so much done and end up getting NONE OF IT DONE! yeah.... that's me in a nutshell. Its not fun. At all. I have so many books I have bought to read and haven't had the time, and it's getting closer fast! I think I am gonna need to knuckle down. Not only this, I am going to my friend Law's super hero party as Catwoman. No, not the slaggy ones. I want the Ann Hathaway outfit, which I have found....I know just need to lose a billion stone and I will be fine. So stay tuned for me to moan about the lack of nice food in my life as of


And on that note lovely people now you have caught up on the random crap I spew, I shall bid you adieu. I'm going to have a paracetamol and curl up in bed. And pray I don't die of death disease....
Hey Maybe We Should All Get That Shot Them People Keep Talking About