Thursday, 8 November 2012

This teaching milarky is pretty tough...

To be honest, this blog is what it says on the tin.

I am shattered.

My legs, arms, back and brain all ache from having to run around, carry everything and rack my brain to help students in lessons.

Today I taught a full lesson for the first time. One hour, me and a 30 year 9 students. I survived and I thought it went well. Yet I still feel completely deflated. We have to have mentor meetings about how my tutor who observed the lesson thought it went. My tutor said that the objectives of the lesson weren't clear and that they need to be the core of the lesson. So my lesson kind felt a bit pointless. I don't think it should bug me this much but I am worried about it. I don't want to have pointless lessons. I want the students to be enriched by what I teach and for them to find it useful.

The feedback has caused me to completely re-jig what I want to do for my lesson next week. I am struggling a bit with what to do and how to cope. I think I'm just in a funny mood and needed a bit of a rant, so where better than here where I can rant then read some fab blogs.

My life is currently revolving around lesson proformas and plans. Ergh.

Some one please tell me something happy? I could do with a cheer up.

Love you all long time

Abbly xxx