Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Right. Pay attention 007. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to help me create a truly awesome Lady Gaga outfit......................for sunday......
I am fully aware this is not a great deal of time but I am seriously stuck !
Its my friend Adams 20th on sunday and I am heading home from uni for the weekend so I just neeed some ideas. I'm not exactly the best looking lassy in the world, so nothing tooooooo revealing.

I know you are all fabulous when it comes to ideas so it would be great if you could help.

I will even post a picture of the finished outfit!

The crazier the suggestions the better !!!
Please people of the land of blogger. HELP MEEEEE !!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Comic Relief 2011 !

This is my post dedicated to Comic Relief 2011!

Thats right, 18th March, me and a group of my lovely friendies sat down to watch the goggle box for an evening of fun and comic, yet highly insightful events.

This year, the comedy EXCELLED! I have never laughed so hard in my life!
Things that are definately my top highlights of the night, which I wanted to share with all you wonderful bloggers! -

1. Now, not to sound over like an over excited Doctor Who fan. But. THE DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL WAS IMMENSE! I thought it was awesome! It was very clever. Well. A lil bit pervy BUT hey ho. Many lads can be happy with the thought of two Amy Pond's.  Part One - - Part Two -

2. JLS teaming up with Miranda ! - they sang there new song Eyes Wide Shut. Now I'm not the biggest JLS be honest, I don't really like there style of music.....BUT I think they should keep Miranda in the song! she made it !! oh yeah and JLS stands for Just Left School !! hehe SUCH FUN! - here ya go people ! she raps ! what more do you need ! -

3. Now. I say PINAPPLE DANCE STUDIO! You think... Louis Spence. You would never think...Miranda Hart....Trust me my friend neither would I. BUT using characters from her sitcom such as Stevie, her mum and Gary, she made it her own. With Louis being her rival looking after JLS, its just a feast of comedy waiting to happen. Here the youtube link people! -

4. FAKE THAT!!! No. Not the Fake That that is touring the UK. THIS is what I call the PROPER Fake That. David Walliams, Alan Carr, James Cordon, Catherine Tate and John Bishop. Truly awesome! Took part in Take Thats new song and made it AMAZING !! I have not laughed so hard in a good long while!! -

5. One word my friends. Smithy. He stole the show in his sketch, Smithy to the Rescue, with ALOT of celeb faces. He is SO clever. Its incredible. The sketch ranged from having the remaining Beatles to Ron Weasley. He is one awesome dude ! Smithy to the rescue -

Seriously this year comedy has gone into overdrive !!! its immense !

I give this year was definately a five star night. Well done everyone on the night ! You certainly entertained and it is a record breaking year !!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Boats that are weird and cool !!!

to be honest..... what it says on the tin ! .....

...this is unspeakably cool !

Oragami Boat !


This last one is a boat made of plastic bottles ! how cool!

ET phone PAUL! ...(ok, I was trying to make this work....its not but I'll go with it!)

Well I FINALLY got to see it ! The amazing new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost epic that is



Such a good film! Pegg and Frost play two very British sci-fi geeks who are on a comic con mission to see all the American UFO sights that are famous, e.g. area 51. There trip takes a suprising turn when they are driving on are 51 and crash into....Paul. A very modern alien. Seth Rogen voices the magnificent Paul, with Frost and Pegg being at there usual best. They have to run from secret agents after them, a VERY religious lunatic father and try to get Paul to safety. For the past 60 years, Paul has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. When he discovers he's been taken prisoner, the space-traveling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town-a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost). Its a very clever film, they take the image of the alien on eath to a whole new level. Giving it a sense of badassery (yes that is a of now).

I highly reccomend this film to all of you. It's not quite Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz in term of action, but it has a kind of its own and its AWESOME! creating our favourite nerds, into intergallactic heros. And all you lovely people who thought it was part of "The Blood and Ice cream Trilogy" ...alas it is not. That is for another fabulous film. Which is EXCITING =D.

I give this film a -
Its a good film :)!

Now for all you wonderful Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Star Wars fans heres something that is MIGHTLY cool -

Its funny ! watch it !

Monday, 14 March 2011

Just a mini story to brighten your day !

I wrote this story a while back for creative writing. We all had to pick a place, a character and a time of year. We then put the in a jar, mixed them up and picked different ones. I got =

1. A Medieval Fair
2. A teenage girl
3. Bonfire night

It was a cool exercise and we had to do it in 500 words. So here you are kind people in blogger land. Let me know what you think !  Give it a try its fab for writers block !

Bonfire Night
Picture it, if you will dear reader, late November 5th, in the middle of a field and everyone dressed in medieval costume. That’s right. Medieval costume. My name is Jessica Mason and I have been bullied into taking part in the Dalton bonfire night and medieval festival. Just brilliant. Tonight is a big event and a MAJORLY humiliating one for me. I can’t believe that I have been roped into doing this!
On one side of the field an archery tournament. Arrows flying through the air, very nearly hitting the surprisingly close stalls, scaring the poor old ladies serving food and tea to cold looking by standers. There is every kind of stall that you can think of. You name it we have it. The smell is amazing, floating across the breeze enticing the customers to have a look. Adjacent to the archery is a jousting pitch. I say jousting. Its not proper hard core with lances-that-could-kill-a-man jousting but long poles with cushions on the end, so no one gets too hurt. The horses and knights all dressed nobly, with a surprising amount of ale being ingested.
Now, I am sure you are wondering why I find all this humiliating. The event itself is fun, don't get me wrong. Why it is humiliating for me, is that I have to be one of the “damsel in distress” characters. I have to sit in a make shift castle, and wait for the jousting to finish in order to congratulate the winner. Fabulous.... I think not.
On the plus side, I can see it all from up here, even if I do feel like a total idiot in this dress and pointy hat. I see the fireworks getting together. I can watch them fantastically up here. As the fireworks kick off, so does the final of the jousting tournament.
I love bonfire night. The children write their names with sparklers in the air whilst the sky lights up in a mass of every colour imaginable. A giant crash from below attracts everyone’s attention as a man falls from his horse with a thud, ending the tournament. I can FINALLY get out of here! Walking down the incredibly rickety stairs, I opened the door to come face to face with the winner of the jousting.
“Well done my lord, how can I ever repay you for saving me” I recited, praying for this to be over with.
 “Well, My lady. You can do me the honour of joining me in eating a giant pork and stuffing baguette from Miss Bowes stall” He replied, taking off his helmet. A purple firework hit the air spreading across the sky. His eyes lit up in the light. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad after all.
 By Abbly Bartonia (aka Abigail Barton) - 14/03/11

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Dedication to the Magnificent Jasper Fforde !

Being an English Lit student, I am forced to read some unspeakably bad books (Samuel Richardson's Clarissa...*shivers*) and some pretty cool books (Margaret Atwood!). However, in times when it gets to much you just have to revert back to the books that make you smile.

And this is why,  dedicate this blog to the wonderful and mental works of Jasper Fforde!

He is truly awesome. His work is so unbelievably unique I have never had some much fun reading a book before this one. The Eyre Affair is the first in the series and it introduces the character of Thursday Next (yep thats her name) who is single, thirty-six, a Crimean War veteran and a literary detective who lives in London with her pet dodo, Pickwick. Which is always a good character set up for a novel!  The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action, but never forgets to wink at the audience. Acheron Hades is quite a villain and Thursday Next is a superb heroine.

The series as a whole is just one massive bundle of randomness ! its amazing ! I would highly reccomend it ! And as one critic described it...
"The Eyre Affair, is so clever, so loopy, so unabashedly ridiculous that students who hated Brontë's classic will be glad they read it, after all. And, needless to say, Jane's many fans will find this time-bending cloak-and-dagger romp a pure delight. (...) This is about as much fun as you can have in the classics section without being thrown out of the library." - Ron Charles, Christian Science Monitor

And thus here ends my dedication to Jasper Fforde :)!
Give it a try peeps !