Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pirates of the Carribbean 4 review and my life thus far...

Well well well bloggerland, I can finally blog at least once in my slightly hectic lifestyle and can finally chillax a bit =) its good times.

Now, to begin, I finally got round to seeing the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Carribbean films.....NOTE there are spoilers in this :) turn away now! if you don't want to know certain things about it !

Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides....

The story line of the film leads on from the last film, with the introduction of Blackbeard and the new ship, the Queens Ann Revenge. To be honest, it had moments that were a bit of a let down to be fair, but overall it was a good film. Jack Sparrow was , as ever, on truly good form, he had moments that genuinely made me nearly pee myself with laughter. The directors made good use of the strong relationship between Penelope Cruiz and Johnny Depp with sizzling romantic tension. It makes Liz and Will look a bit flavourless really. I must admit I did miss William and Elizabeth, and the new romantic relationship between the mermaid and the young religious pirate is a bit weak, it needs to be explored more. Its in the early stages of "new relationship over shadowed by intense relationship in the previous film" kind of things. The mermaids themselves were ACE! one of the best elements of the whole films!!! they weren't the traditional Ariel with singing fish they were genuinly scary! awesome things. The zombies also a bit of a let down alas as they weren't "proper" zombies.  Barbossa is back, but not in his usual form, he is a privateer which is just plain WEIRD. Barbossa is a bit of a let down, as I expected more evilness from him, but Blackbeard gave enough evilness for everyone. The whole tone of the film was alot darker, which was good, as it made it more interesting and the story line is alot more detailed giving room for expansion into other films. On a last note....here's a pretty picture of the lovely Mr Depp .... :)

How Happy and cheery does he look! He made the film epic! Plus he is UBER good looking !! (yummy)
Overall I give this film a......
Note quite as epic as the previous films, but can lead to epicness all the same.


And on a slightly more amusing note....heres some pictures from my night out for my twentieth :). The teenage mutant ninja turtle idea kinda flung out the window and I ended up going as the joker. My boyfriend and his bestfriend went as Batman and Robin so it was quite and easy costume :) enjoy peeps
 An unsual alliance, Batman, Robin and the Joker all completely smashed :P
 There are no words......Just confusion...
 Start the night on vodka shots, its gonna end well !
 its gonna be a fab night when you find a chocolate shop that sell chocolate boobs and you can get a casting of your own boobs!!!
 On it like a car bonet!
My friends went as Bill and Ben...I stole Weed :P 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pirates of the Carribbean 4, Eurovision, I turn...20!!! and I end my second uni of uni :(!

Well many exciting things are happening in the oncoming weeks!!....
2. Eurovision final is on! (not quite as exciting but DEFINATELY hilarious!)
3. I TURN ...20...TWENTEEN!! (I refuse to grown up!!)



SO EXCITED I COULD WEEEEEE! not literally that would make a mess! I stand corrected with the date in my previous blog it is in fact out ON THE 18TH !!! :D!
The latest of the trailers poses more questions for me though.... look on here to find it - http://www.disney.co.uk/pirates-of-the-caribbean/videos/latest-pirates-trailer.jsp
It shows that Penelope Cruiz could infact be a mermaid....ooooooooh... scandal....and the mermaids don't look like the traditional ariel-the-little-mermaid-i've-got-a-singing-crab kind of mermaids either. These are hardcore mermaids.....a phrase I never thought I would say. The Black Pearl has literally come ALIVE! The rigging can catch people and it seems to be able to spout FIRE! which is COOL!! And WHAT has happened to Barbossa??? Has he turned from the pirate ways ??? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!
The relationship between Cruiz and Depp in the trailers is awesome and hope that its re-enforced on the screen.
Also LEGO have jumped on the band wagon....BY MAKING A GAME!!! now I love anything lego ESPECIALLLY the games ! so this is going to be awesome! look on the link and you can see a trailer for the lego game ! gonna be EPIC !!!

2. Thats right, the Eurovision final is hitting our screens this weekend ! live from Dusseldorf in Germany

*CUE BAD DANCING AND FLASHING LIGHTS!!* woop woop! Me and my friends are fully prepared for the event, we are all dressing up individually as a country then betting on a different country who we think will win. I also fully intend to create so kind of drinking game. It's got to be done :D! For the UK we have..Blue...I don't know if we are going to do well or not....Ireland....however...are screwed...they have Jedward. JEDWARD!!! love how Ireland don't take themselves seriously ! its ace! Its kinda annoyng that England are taking themselves seriously now. Hey ho.
So I ask lovely people of the bloggerland, gimme ideas of drinking game things! like, every time England gets Nil Point, drink :P! which would be funny. But let me know you lovely people!

3. My birthday !!! YAY! 25th May will be 20 AHHHHHHH! not good ! however, what is good I intend to have a joint birthday with my lovely friend Liv, and our theme for our party?? Old TV shows you used to watch as kids...my idea for an outfit? ...

SO there you go you lovely bloggers. I'm becoming a hermit for a while, as I have been inundated with assessments ! grrr!

Blog soon :) Abbly x

Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding Fever ! - Part 2 !

Well the event has occured. Wills and Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Camberidge and all can live happily ever after ! awwwwwww. How very Disney !

How lovely ! Don't they look so cuuuuute !

Now.... Onto the serious matters.....

How to do EPIC Royal Wedding hatware !!!!
How to do it successfully !!!!!
Mrs Beckham! My hat off to you for this epic bit of hatware !!! It is a really beautiful piece of fashion! I would LOVE this hat! Its like walking around with a bit of art work on your head !! its awesome!

Now.... How try to be successful in Royal Wedding Hatware.....

Ok now each to there own but WHAT on earth is going on here ^^^^^^
Words leave me they really do !! am sure it was wonderful idea at the time the pair of them but ergh ! just didn't work for meeeeee!

I was quite disappointed as it looked like Samantha Cameron didn't ever wear any sort of hear gear, but apparently she did but it was discrete.....NOT GOOD ENOUGH...If I had gone I would have worn some kind of MASSIVE fruit hat. Who is with me ???!!!.. just me....ah well ! :)

Other random Royal wedding things are......

Apparently Boris Johnson has given them .... a tandem bike as a wedding present..... well done Boris *salutes him*. He is actually potty. I just want to go for a night out with him. Would probs end up interestingly!!!

Apparently on the day itself, 21 people got arrested ! for what was considered suspicious actions ! didn't expect that to happen !!! but hey ho every fairytale wedding has some kind of evil step mother or scary dragon.....

My sister's boyfriend, who shall not be named for embarrassment *cough GARY cough* thought bunting ( as in the long strings of mini flags) was a cake. So, so he didn't look toooooo stupid, my lovely sister made him some chocolate rice krispies cakes and put a "B" on them, just so he could have Bunting cakes. Now I think he got a bit confused, but here you go mate...heres some bunting cake....

One Person who looked super lovely (apart from Kate Middleton whose wedding dress was BEAUTIFUL!!!) was H.R.H the Queen, Elizabeth who looked so happy!! in her lovely yellow outfit! it made a difference to the quite dark outfits that some of the other guest had on and she just looked so happy. I wanted to give her a big hug!

Congratters to the new couple and a bally great HUZZAH for the wedding going well!!
and just for the laughs.....