Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The journey from bed to teaching...

Well. It's finally come around. On Monday, I started my life as a teacher trainee. It was THE weirdest feeling ever having to get up early to grab the train and head to Lancaster, but I managed it.

Everyone I have met on the course is lovely. Bit more experienced than me, but they are all so willing to help and be brilliant so I think I am in safe hands. I did a presentation today, I had to stand there and talk about myself for 5 minutes, which is harder than it looks. But, I managed to make everyone laugh. I apologised in advance for my frantic Doctor Who obsession, they seemed to take it well. So yeah, I start placement in 19 days do that should be good :) I am quite looking forward to the challenge!

There are 3 others from my glamourous home town, Jenny, Natalie and David. Jenny drives everyday and has being kind enough to give us a lift so we ate giving her some petrol money and no need for trains for us so YAY!!

I am really sorry if I don't get time to blog much but my tutors said to say goodbye to my life as I know it. It's weird, I feel like I have grown up. It feels like I can freakin do this! YEAH!!!

So the pictures are just what I am meant to be doing (reading the curriculum, woot!... Not) And my new (not so glamourous) wall calendar so I can see when everything is due. I'm getting organised! Let's see how long this lasts...And an ecard that made me giggle. Enjoy!

How are you all bloggers? Any thing new and exciting for you ?

Abby xxxxx