Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Packing, back to uni, a night out and lack of sleep.....days 5 & 6 & 7

I have had the most mental couple of days of my life.

Friday - aka day 5 - went well. Bit mental, and ended up having the afternoon off. Which was WIN! I went to the lessons and with the literature lot, it was group work which wasn't to bad. The language (chavvy) lot had to continue working in silence. I missed the second year literature lot as I had a dentist appointment. Then it was a quiet night in with a hot chocolate and a film with the boyfriend which was lovely.

The weekend was messy. Went out and got a lil bit drunkies. I say a lil bit. I got in at 5 in the morning on Sunday. Which resulted in a painful hangover, resolved by some pork scratching and chewits. Yes. I know. Odd hangover cure.

Monday - aka day 6 - It went VERY well. All the English Literature classes were great. I say all. Except the second years. The class that Sue has, there are a few that have very loud voices and very strong opinions. Now, I love a strong opinion as much as the next person, but they seriously take the biscuit. There are five of them that just dominate the class floor, and don't give any one a chance to talk. Sue tries to get the class involved but they just shout over them. Am thinking of what to do to possibly help, but it might involve me shouting at them which would not be good. However, I did help the first years though. For the Language lot I have created a help sheet that has stuff to help them with the commentaries they have to do in assessments. Then it was a return home and do a work out with la fitness group, which caused me to DIE! I am so not a runner. Then sleep. Lots of sleep.

TUESDAY! - aka day 7 - Rather a slow day. The lessons were rather long and I was SO tired. I did however try and help the students as much as I could. In English Language, I helped a lass called Vicky who has no confidence, bless her, so I helped her with her commentary and she managed to write a fair bit. I hope I helped.

And thus, now I must pack for uni. *Sigh*. I am excited to see all my lovelies again. I kinda look like this at the moment....

But I am gonna miss my boyfriend something fierce. Love him lots. <3

In my next blog, MY NEW DRESS HAS ARRIVED !!!!! but alas its not at my house :( Its a Dan's...SO.... its from the land of Aussieness! CANNE WAIT! Stick around and find out!!!

Abbly xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not a lot really.... Days 3 & 4

Sorry I didn't write about yesterday, but there was little point due to the fact that the college had an external power cut and they had to evacuate everyone which was a plus as I actually got a day off in my oh so hectic life that seems to be happening recently. So I spent to day with my boyfriend and my mum and dad and it was lovely to have a relaxing day :)!

Day 4. College was back with power which is always a plus. Went in at 9 and went straight into a lesson with Sue again (yay!). I didn't realise however that the students have to write a commentary in COMPLETE SILENCE in all the lessons. So I literally sat there with no idea what to do. Its good that the students have to do it in class, in silence, because then at least its done. But Sue got three groups worth of essays to mark. The joys of the prospect of marking.....ergh. The students were really good, and the silence meant that I could also do some reading and some work of my own that I had to do. After that there wasn't any other lessons but I went to the staff room with Sue and had a look at some of the essays. It was really cool because Sue listened to what I had to say and we agreed on a lot of the points. The first years need a lil bit of help but they have good ideas overall. 

I am thinking of making them a help sheet or something.....hmm... see if I have time :S ! 

Another day gone, on more then weekend :)!!! 

HUZZAH! the life of a student teacher :) !!

Abbly xxxxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"You're an ex student !?....How old are you?".... Day 2

Well, here is day two. Turned up at 9 again, this time wearing a floral dress, black tights and a red cardigan. I thought I looked rather smart. I turned up and headed to the staff room to find the head of English department staff, Mike, and ALL the tutors were in a meeting. I tried to get in, but it was packed and I got a funny look off a tutor so I just hid outside.

The meeting finished and I was put with Sue again which I was happy about :)! We both then walked to her tutorial group, who were all a bit gormless, but its tutorial (aka registration) and its always dull. Some of them had a few questions about applying for uni, which was cool because I could help. After that I went to another English Literature lesson which was interesting. The classes are studying Dancing at Lughnasa which is a play I have never studied but its actually really good. Set in Ireland in 1936, about the Mundy girls who long for freedom and its a good play, go and check it out!

After that...I had to go to a double with the chavs again.....joy.....(not)...
They were all gob shite but today I didn't have to talk to them today I just sat and did some research for my on coming Shakespeare module. I really do worry about the youth of tomorrow (HOW OLD DO I SOUND!) but they all just didn't seem interested ! Why do a lesson that you aren't interested in !! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! You are at college to learn and be enriched with what you do learn, whats the point in studying something that you are only going waste. That's my opinion anywho :).

After that the day was done. Went pretty quickly actually. I asked my mum to pick me up and she was late *Grr*. So Me and Sue went to the staff room. THE STAFF ROOM ! I felt so professional ! I made a cup of tea and sat and talked to teachers and I felt so cool! weirdly! It was good, Sue was trying to think of something for the second years as they didn't seem to like the text they were studying, which is a book called Disgrace, and she asked me what I thought we could do!! I was a bit put out, and said I would think of something and let her know. It was nice that she was taking my opinion into consideration :)! I felt clever for once =P One of the tutors who looked at me funny in the morning, came over to me and said
"I'm really sorry for looking at you funny before, I just thought you were a student here just a bit lost, Sue says you are here on work experience, You're an ex student ? you look really young and that not a bad thing trust me, how old are you?"
Which sparked off a conversation with her, which was nice, she was a biology tutor.

And thus my second day of be a tutor/helper/work experience person was done.

Now its time for a sit down and a cuppa tea :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

I now have a lot of respect for tutors....Day 1

Today I had my first day of doing some work experience because I want to do a PGCE course after I finish my current uni course. After one day, I have some serious respect for tutors.

I emailed the college ages ago, but, they never got back to me. So I generally thought nothing of it and thought meh be right I'll sort it out later ! later turned into 3 months later. My friend Kate proper scared me by saying, "we need to apply early October" to which my head went into over drive and I PANICKED ! I needed a minimum of two weeks work experience which I still didn't have. So I frantically emailed my old tutor, thinking what am I going to do, they will have just started term and I am doing this to them !!! GAAAH! BUT. I should not have fretted as they were very kind and gave me the chance.

I went today at 9am, wearing a blue jumper, black trousers and small black ballet pumps. I was surprisingly nervous. I was fortunate enough to get put with my favourite tutor from when I was there two years ago, Sue. She is literally the best teacher I have ever had and it was her that inspired me to take the English literature teacher route, preferably A Level as they were interested in the subject itself!. The first lesson, I walk in,

"Ah! Everyone ! this is Abbie ! she is an ex student of ours and she is at university doing English Literature. She was one of my best students and if you have any questions am sure she will help when she can" *I turn into a beetroot*

I think she made me out to be some sort of Literary God. Was nuts. It was also really weird going back! everything's changed and everyone recognizes me. One thing that hasn't changed however, is the lil' shits that are first years. The funny thing is though, the first years that did English literature were really keen and great as we were able to have a discussion ! alas, the English Language lot, they were.....erm..... a bit.....

....yeah.... chavvy !! I literally wanted to smack about 3/4 of the class! Now I can keep my cool, but I could not teach them if I tried ! Sue sent two of them out and she kept control of the class but I could tell she really didn't like them at all. I take my hat off to the woman she can keep her cool.

Overall was a good day, except the chavvy individuals that I wanted to smack. HOPEFULLY! I won't get the again this week but hey ho if I do. I get an official timetable tomorrow of where I am going to be and what I am going to be doing so I am quite excited. I am really happy I am doing it and the respect I have for Sue already has now sky rocketed ! good on her.

More of an update tomorrow :) !!

Abbly xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Random creativity.... what dya think ?

One was seriously bored with today and wrote this. What dya think ? let me know!! comment please :) 

Please. Just wait for me.

They were the last words I ever remember him saying to me. Just wait for me. Those five words that ring through my ears. They mean so much to me and are the only things that make me cling to hope, that one day, maybe, he’ll come back. I remember the look in his eyes, that weird look that men do when they are trying to be manly when in reality all they want to do is break down. Those eyes. How I miss them. Green, with a slight ring of hazel to them. I could have stared into them all day if I had the chance. I might still have the chance.
He fought back breaking down, I did break down.

“Don’t go” I kept repeating to him. My heart was pounding my ears, I felt my shoulders shake with pain of the crying and tears streamed down my face. I knew why he had to go but I didn’t ever want him to leave. He knew this. We both did. Even his reassurance didn’t help. He told me about the time we will have together in the future, but there was one very big problem.

He kissed me on the forehead and looked me in the eyes.

Please. Just wait for me

He jumped on the train and then he was gone. It was as quick as smoke disappearing into thin air. One moment it is there, the next slipped through your hands like it was just your imagination.  Then I was alone. The year is 1865, My name is Alice Harris and I am love with a murderer. 

weeell? :) 

lovage Abbly xxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Just feeling a bit down :/

This blog insert will go slightly off from my other types of blogs, as this is a minor rant.

Today was the THE last straw. Quite literally. Over the summer, I will be the first to admit, I have put on way to many pounds, and have tried in my vein to lose it. However, certain people in my family have not helped in the slightest. Snide and bitchy comments

"once on the lips, forever on the hips, and it's probably gonna stay there for a long time by the looks of you"

"do you really want to be eating that?"

"do you want a size 14, you aren't going to fit into that one"

I am a size 12. At the beginning of this year, I was super confident in how I looked as I was Heath happy and didn't really give one. Now thanks to lack in body confidence and being at an all time low due to people at home grinding me down, its really getting to me.

So I stand up *stands up* and say this unto you gorgeous people. There will always be knob heads in life who will throw proverbial shit at you. Words can cut with a knife and the figurative bleeding sometimes won't stop. That is how much it can hurt. But. And that's my big butt, (apparently) just stop for a moment. Take a good hard look at yourself. And just say the words...

" I am brilliant. I am me. If I were anyone else, I would be something I am not"

I have read so many blogs and witnessed many great people through them. I just wanted to share with you brilliant people some words that might help if you too are feeling a bit down, a bit put out and a bit shite. I am glad to have gotten this off my chest. I just needed to write and vent a bit. I am now going to shove two fingers up at the twatbags who think it's all right to grind down someone's self esteem.

Rant over :)

Lovage for all!!!!!!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Murder on the Venice express.....

The other night it was my friend Anna's 21st. I thought at first it was gonna be the traditional get drunk and go out sort of night. How mistaken I was. My friend Anna isn't exactly conventional when it comes to parties. The night before we were due to go to her house, I received this message:

"The year is 1935 and once again the Venice Express will be leaving London on a gloriously decadent trip full of luxury and glamour.
The cream of British and Continental Society will be taking the famous trip. Excitement is mounting as the passenger list includes the famous author Agatha Frisky and some of her family.
Join them for a trip of discovery and possibly tragedy."

That's right. I'm having a murder mystery party for my 21st. A murder mystery party involving the character "Agatha Frisky".
Aim to arrive before 7pm, as we'll start around then. There will be food and wine. I'm about to PM everyone their character + (optional) costume details. But it would be nice if everyone dressed up a bit. 


After I read this, I GOT SO EXCITED !!! She then messaged us who were, I was -

You shall be playing the role of Melissa Forethought, Agatha Frisky's secretary and assistant. The game suggests you wear a long dress, with gloves, a feathered headband and lots of make-up. But you can adapt that anyway you want.

I then raided my wardrobe and found my black dress and headed to her house the next night.

It was SO MUCH FUN! turns out it was me and my friend Ben, the assistant and the husband. Lord Hugh 

Dunnit and Melissa Forethought. Apparently we where having an affair and they decided to poison Agatha Frisky in order to be together. NO ONE (apart from Anna because she is a genius) thought it was us! I managed to accuse everyone else ! YAY ! We had a lovely 3 course meal and it took over the space of the meal for all the clues to be read out and for everyone to evaluate who could have been it.  

I really need to sort out a murder mystery night. Maybe one at uni? I like this plan! 

Blog Soon, I am Abbly and I approve this message.