Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not a lot really.... Days 3 & 4

Sorry I didn't write about yesterday, but there was little point due to the fact that the college had an external power cut and they had to evacuate everyone which was a plus as I actually got a day off in my oh so hectic life that seems to be happening recently. So I spent to day with my boyfriend and my mum and dad and it was lovely to have a relaxing day :)!

Day 4. College was back with power which is always a plus. Went in at 9 and went straight into a lesson with Sue again (yay!). I didn't realise however that the students have to write a commentary in COMPLETE SILENCE in all the lessons. So I literally sat there with no idea what to do. Its good that the students have to do it in class, in silence, because then at least its done. But Sue got three groups worth of essays to mark. The joys of the prospect of marking.....ergh. The students were really good, and the silence meant that I could also do some reading and some work of my own that I had to do. After that there wasn't any other lessons but I went to the staff room with Sue and had a look at some of the essays. It was really cool because Sue listened to what I had to say and we agreed on a lot of the points. The first years need a lil bit of help but they have good ideas overall. 

I am thinking of making them a help sheet or something.....hmm... see if I have time :S ! 

Another day gone, on more then weekend :)!!! 

HUZZAH! the life of a student teacher :) !!

Abbly xxxxx

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