Saturday, 17 September 2011

Random creativity.... what dya think ?

One was seriously bored with today and wrote this. What dya think ? let me know!! comment please :) 

Please. Just wait for me.

They were the last words I ever remember him saying to me. Just wait for me. Those five words that ring through my ears. They mean so much to me and are the only things that make me cling to hope, that one day, maybe, he’ll come back. I remember the look in his eyes, that weird look that men do when they are trying to be manly when in reality all they want to do is break down. Those eyes. How I miss them. Green, with a slight ring of hazel to them. I could have stared into them all day if I had the chance. I might still have the chance.
He fought back breaking down, I did break down.

“Don’t go” I kept repeating to him. My heart was pounding my ears, I felt my shoulders shake with pain of the crying and tears streamed down my face. I knew why he had to go but I didn’t ever want him to leave. He knew this. We both did. Even his reassurance didn’t help. He told me about the time we will have together in the future, but there was one very big problem.

He kissed me on the forehead and looked me in the eyes.

Please. Just wait for me

He jumped on the train and then he was gone. It was as quick as smoke disappearing into thin air. One moment it is there, the next slipped through your hands like it was just your imagination.  Then I was alone. The year is 1865, My name is Alice Harris and I am love with a murderer. 

weeell? :) 

lovage Abbly xxx

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