Sunday, 4 September 2011

Murder on the Venice express.....

The other night it was my friend Anna's 21st. I thought at first it was gonna be the traditional get drunk and go out sort of night. How mistaken I was. My friend Anna isn't exactly conventional when it comes to parties. The night before we were due to go to her house, I received this message:

"The year is 1935 and once again the Venice Express will be leaving London on a gloriously decadent trip full of luxury and glamour.
The cream of British and Continental Society will be taking the famous trip. Excitement is mounting as the passenger list includes the famous author Agatha Frisky and some of her family.
Join them for a trip of discovery and possibly tragedy."

That's right. I'm having a murder mystery party for my 21st. A murder mystery party involving the character "Agatha Frisky".
Aim to arrive before 7pm, as we'll start around then. There will be food and wine. I'm about to PM everyone their character + (optional) costume details. But it would be nice if everyone dressed up a bit. 


After I read this, I GOT SO EXCITED !!! She then messaged us who were, I was -

You shall be playing the role of Melissa Forethought, Agatha Frisky's secretary and assistant. The game suggests you wear a long dress, with gloves, a feathered headband and lots of make-up. But you can adapt that anyway you want.

I then raided my wardrobe and found my black dress and headed to her house the next night.

It was SO MUCH FUN! turns out it was me and my friend Ben, the assistant and the husband. Lord Hugh 

Dunnit and Melissa Forethought. Apparently we where having an affair and they decided to poison Agatha Frisky in order to be together. NO ONE (apart from Anna because she is a genius) thought it was us! I managed to accuse everyone else ! YAY ! We had a lovely 3 course meal and it took over the space of the meal for all the clues to be read out and for everyone to evaluate who could have been it.  

I really need to sort out a murder mystery night. Maybe one at uni? I like this plan! 

Blog Soon, I am Abbly and I approve this message.   

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