Monday, 19 September 2011

I now have a lot of respect for tutors....Day 1

Today I had my first day of doing some work experience because I want to do a PGCE course after I finish my current uni course. After one day, I have some serious respect for tutors.

I emailed the college ages ago, but, they never got back to me. So I generally thought nothing of it and thought meh be right I'll sort it out later ! later turned into 3 months later. My friend Kate proper scared me by saying, "we need to apply early October" to which my head went into over drive and I PANICKED ! I needed a minimum of two weeks work experience which I still didn't have. So I frantically emailed my old tutor, thinking what am I going to do, they will have just started term and I am doing this to them !!! GAAAH! BUT. I should not have fretted as they were very kind and gave me the chance.

I went today at 9am, wearing a blue jumper, black trousers and small black ballet pumps. I was surprisingly nervous. I was fortunate enough to get put with my favourite tutor from when I was there two years ago, Sue. She is literally the best teacher I have ever had and it was her that inspired me to take the English literature teacher route, preferably A Level as they were interested in the subject itself!. The first lesson, I walk in,

"Ah! Everyone ! this is Abbie ! she is an ex student of ours and she is at university doing English Literature. She was one of my best students and if you have any questions am sure she will help when she can" *I turn into a beetroot*

I think she made me out to be some sort of Literary God. Was nuts. It was also really weird going back! everything's changed and everyone recognizes me. One thing that hasn't changed however, is the lil' shits that are first years. The funny thing is though, the first years that did English literature were really keen and great as we were able to have a discussion ! alas, the English Language lot, they were.....erm..... a bit.....

....yeah.... chavvy !! I literally wanted to smack about 3/4 of the class! Now I can keep my cool, but I could not teach them if I tried ! Sue sent two of them out and she kept control of the class but I could tell she really didn't like them at all. I take my hat off to the woman she can keep her cool.

Overall was a good day, except the chavvy individuals that I wanted to smack. HOPEFULLY! I won't get the again this week but hey ho if I do. I get an official timetable tomorrow of where I am going to be and what I am going to be doing so I am quite excited. I am really happy I am doing it and the respect I have for Sue already has now sky rocketed ! good on her.

More of an update tomorrow :) !!

Abbly xxx

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  1. You are BRAVE. I'm scared of all school children - no matter what age! Congratuwelldone on being all organised n shit! xxx