Sunday, 30 December 2012

Twas the season to be jolly.... now it's that weird in between bit

Greetings you glorious little sausages of blogger land
I have returned!! *tumbleweed rolls past*
Oki I know I have abandoned this for a very long time but gimme credit here my life has become a blur of marking books, teaching and shouting at year 11 kids who are 2 foot taller than me, its not a job to be taken lightly.
I know in my previous post I sounded very glum about the whole thing, but at the time I was going through a crisis about whether I even wanted to continue with teaching or not. It really is that tough people, everyone who says 'those who can't, teach' stay still while I slap you round the face with a kipper. Heed my words people, also feel free to ask any questions about teaching, don't go in to the profession blind. Get the experience and get the advice as it will do you in good sted for the future. So yeah, that is my advice to all you lovelies.

Well Christmas came around far too quickly for my liking. I spent most of my free time trying to shop online when I get the chance to. It was mental. I've usually cracked the Christmas shopping by the end of November, this year not so much. Never mind I survived, just. I had a bit of a mare the other day when I discovered friends had bought Christmas presents and I hadn't bought them anything, so that was a case of legging it to the january sales to hunt down a bargain or two. Thankfully I found stuff for her, so happy days. Other that that I got lots of smashing Christmas presents, I'll upload pictures soon as I haven't taken pictures of all of them yet. That's right people another blog post! Shocker!

I'm off to eat chocolate and read, and it only 10 in the morning. Happy days.

Hope you all had a smashing Christmas :)

Abbly x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

This teaching milarky is pretty tough...

To be honest, this blog is what it says on the tin.

I am shattered.

My legs, arms, back and brain all ache from having to run around, carry everything and rack my brain to help students in lessons.

Today I taught a full lesson for the first time. One hour, me and a 30 year 9 students. I survived and I thought it went well. Yet I still feel completely deflated. We have to have mentor meetings about how my tutor who observed the lesson thought it went. My tutor said that the objectives of the lesson weren't clear and that they need to be the core of the lesson. So my lesson kind felt a bit pointless. I don't think it should bug me this much but I am worried about it. I don't want to have pointless lessons. I want the students to be enriched by what I teach and for them to find it useful.

The feedback has caused me to completely re-jig what I want to do for my lesson next week. I am struggling a bit with what to do and how to cope. I think I'm just in a funny mood and needed a bit of a rant, so where better than here where I can rant then read some fab blogs.

My life is currently revolving around lesson proformas and plans. Ergh.

Some one please tell me something happy? I could do with a cheer up.

Love you all long time

Abbly xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My life in dribs and drabs....

My life is currently a blur and i am super tired so if this doesn't make that much sense I apologies in advance.

Well I have officially started placement at an awesome school! It's been a bit nuts recently with everything happening. It is all very surreal to be honest. By Christmas I will be teaching 7 hours of lessons which will be weird thinking I am in control of a class! Gaaaah! Me! In control of a class!!!!

Ok let's back track. Highlight of my book collection, the other day because Danny bought me a Dalek handbook! Which is ace! And something that I will have no chance to read!! Ergh!!

Also the other day I met one of the tutors from my school and I took pictures of what I wore because I love it. My top is yellow and has black hearts all over it. I got it from a charity shop for £2.50 and they are selling the exact top in Tesco for £10! I am clearly cooler! With black jeans and a cardigan both from Tesco. My boots are from matalan in ze sale :) The cheeky grin was from the excitement of meeting mentors and such :) however the icing in the cake was my brilliant and fabulous new bag. I love it and I can thank my lovely boyfriend for it because he gots it for me, let me hear you say awwwwww! He's brill. I love it. He said he was giving it to me for Christmas but said I could use it early for placement :) yay!

Well I need to crack on with my essay right now but I hope to keep you upto date. Hope you are all well :)

Loves Abbly xxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The journey from bed to teaching...

Well. It's finally come around. On Monday, I started my life as a teacher trainee. It was THE weirdest feeling ever having to get up early to grab the train and head to Lancaster, but I managed it.

Everyone I have met on the course is lovely. Bit more experienced than me, but they are all so willing to help and be brilliant so I think I am in safe hands. I did a presentation today, I had to stand there and talk about myself for 5 minutes, which is harder than it looks. But, I managed to make everyone laugh. I apologised in advance for my frantic Doctor Who obsession, they seemed to take it well. So yeah, I start placement in 19 days do that should be good :) I am quite looking forward to the challenge!

There are 3 others from my glamourous home town, Jenny, Natalie and David. Jenny drives everyday and has being kind enough to give us a lift so we ate giving her some petrol money and no need for trains for us so YAY!!

I am really sorry if I don't get time to blog much but my tutors said to say goodbye to my life as I know it. It's weird, I feel like I have grown up. It feels like I can freakin do this! YEAH!!!

So the pictures are just what I am meant to be doing (reading the curriculum, woot!... Not) And my new (not so glamourous) wall calendar so I can see when everything is due. I'm getting organised! Let's see how long this lasts...And an ecard that made me giggle. Enjoy!

How are you all bloggers? Any thing new and exciting for you ?

Abby xxxxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fetch me the sympathy blanket I'm ill!!

That's right people.. I'm ill :(
its kicked off in the last couple of days, bad stomach pains, gag reflex playing up big time and just general arhgle barghle feeling.
I haven't had the chance to blog much recently as I have been away, seen more of my family, spent time with the boyfriend and just tried to relax....whilst working a sh*t load in between.

Exciting things -
I went to Wales :) not the animal, the part of the United Kingdom that I believed only sheep and my friend Becky inhabited, until my friend Cara went to uni there. I didn't get chance to take any pictures which made me sad but I can regale the tale to you all. I haven't seen Cara in what feels like a million years.... ok it might have been since Christmas, but I grabbed my friend Danii, the third vital wheel in our trio and set of to Wales to spend a few days amongst the Welshies. I can honestly say we will be doing it again. The journey down there was pretty easy due to the yoinking of my sister's sat nav we managed to navigate our way there. When we arrived we went for food in a lovely place called the Fat Cat Cafe (Bangor, Wales) which was lovely, a tad pricey but lovely food. We then hit tesco, bought wine, nibbles and food for us to live off for the few day we were there. From then on it was laughs and inappropriate banter all the way. We went to see the film Ted, which is brilliant, however there was a moment which Danii found so funny she nearly vomited due to her laughing so much. Cara and I couldn't stop laughing at Danii laughing, it was a vicious cycle. If you love Family Guy and that kind of humour then that is the film for you, its brilliant.
The next day we went to the zoo! We thought, how about Chester zoo because its a pretty big zoo. We then looked and it would be about £50 for 3 of us and thought HELLS TO THE NO. But Cara saved the day by recommending the Welsh Mountain Zoo and I am glad she did because it was lovely! We wanted to kidnap tiny monkeys but couldn't find a way to without being caught. It was sad times. The icing on top of the fabulous trip to the zoo was when we went to watch the sea lion display and my friend Danii dropped her phone in the enclosure while everything was going on. That's right. IN the enclosure. I couldn't stop laughing, thankfully she got it back but DAMN it was funny.

The evenings were filled with drinking wine and being merry, mainly playing drunk games of "I have never...." and listing off things only Danii had done, which is always fun. We also managed to watch a lot of Eddie Izzard DVD's so all in all a awesome trip. I love you both.

I am finally feeling OK with the fact I have moved home. My parents have been good, Mum's had a few moments but I should have seen that one coming a mile off. At the moment, I am a bit down because I am missing living with my friends. I miss my Jess running in a serenading me and us always doing things together. I miss Becky coming over and drinking tea in the lounge. I miss Liv being bat sh*t crazy and flinging squishy cow at me. I miss Dave and the grumpy state he gets in when Coventry loses. I miss Lee and his huggableness (yes that is a word). I miss Aline and her randomness. I miss Ant and Coral and hope they are successful in their mission to become pirates (YOU BETTER GET A SHIP DAMMIT!!) I miss Vicky with her drunken and hilarious ways. I miss Hannah as she is my beautiful gymnastic dinosaur and she always will be. I miss Maz (my marginly hairy biker) and Abbie (Hedwig) because I know my classes aren't going to be the same again. I miss Rosie and going round her house and her cooking me cake. I miss them all but know that they are all fabulous and I will see them all again :) .....I better bloody had do!
GAH! getting emotional again!!

Well...moving on.....I got my old job back (HUZZAH!) which means pennies! (EVEN BIGGER HUZZAH!) so yeah am back at the good ole Furness Building Society. Its good and I am getting to move around branches and meet new people which is always nice :). So hopefully I can save up enough to visit everyone. 

At the moment, apart from working, I am bricking it about starting uni soon. You know when you want to get so much done and end up getting NONE OF IT DONE! yeah.... that's me in a nutshell. Its not fun. At all. I have so many books I have bought to read and haven't had the time, and it's getting closer fast! I think I am gonna need to knuckle down. Not only this, I am going to my friend Law's super hero party as Catwoman. No, not the slaggy ones. I want the Ann Hathaway outfit, which I have found....I know just need to lose a billion stone and I will be fine. So stay tuned for me to moan about the lack of nice food in my life as of


And on that note lovely people now you have caught up on the random crap I spew, I shall bid you adieu. I'm going to have a paracetamol and curl up in bed. And pray I don't die of death disease....
Hey Maybe We Should All Get That Shot Them People Keep Talking About

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What a lovely day :)

What a splendid day I have had :) I went shopping with my grandma and my mum in Kendal for a day out. We began with a cuppa tea as our fuel for the day and then went on to find some lovely items :) after being inspired by the lovely Vix yesterday I went to a few charity shops but alas no prevail but I shall try again soon :) I bought a lovely pair of velvet shoes, down from 50 quid to 15 so I grabbed them. I also got a awesome pale blue polka dot top that will be useful for nights out AND wearing for placement which is a
winner :) now I am going to my boyfriends house to make him make me a cup of tea and relax after a hard days shopping :) it's a tough life but I might as well enjoy it before the insanity begins in September :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Ah Life...

*looks ashamed*....... I know....I said I would blog more.....but gimme a break... I need some time to be free and merry before everything came back to be being boring and such.

Well, what's new with me I hear probably no one ask..... Well, I went back to my job back home today. I actually really missed everyone and it was a great laugh catching up. It got completely mental near closing time but was still good to be busy. For those of you who don't know, I work in a Building Society. Sounds boring, but the people make it brilliant :).

I went for an orientation day for my new teaching course starting in September, that was AWESOME. I was properly nervous as it was meeting EVERYONE doing the course and also EVERYONE on my specific English subject shizz. I was tres nervous, but I really shouldn't have been as there were two of the people who were there on my interview day so we have a WOOP WE DID IT MOMENT and it was great from then on wards. It is going to be one intense year of stress, annoying teenagers, teen fiction and marking but hey it's what I want to do. I can hear you all shouting LOONEY but hey ho :P

I am royally skint and my mum is making me sort through my clothes. That is a very painful process. I want to cling on to as much stuff as I can because IT'S MINE DAMMIT! expect a blog or two about this. I might need opinions on what to keep and what to ditch. I can't do it alone people!!!

Well that's it from me to be honest. I'm tired and going to put my feet up.

Sorry to be terribly boring.


Abbly xxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

If you don't know what you are talking about, then I think you should shut up.....

Well. I am officially home now. Away from the lovely city of Bath, where people are a bit more open minded than some people back here. I don't want this to be seen as a generalisation of everyone where I live, just a select few. Now, I am a liberal feminist. I'm not an angry feminist (unless you actually do something stupid or don't use indicators when driving....that bugs me!) or one that will shove my views in your face. I just like the notion of equality through education of the matters and a general appreciation for the position of women of the years. Many women have done a lot to uphold female values and get us where we are today, I think it is fair to say we should appreciate them and hold them in high prestige.

NOW, the reason for this slight rant really is because some people clearly do not get what Feminism actually is, yet like to rant about it. I was sat with someone today who was on facebook, a girl had put a rant about guys (she's just broken up with a guy who cheated on her) and how she was through with them. My 'friend' turned to me and said, 'God, get these angry feminists. Burning bras and hating men won't get you far. The should just get back in the kitchen. Stupid feminists'........

Oh WOW. There were so many issues that I had with what they said that I actually had to leave the room. Two things about the whole burning bra's thing. One, not EVERY feminist burnt bra's, and Two, it was a form of liberation for women during the 60's, a potent symbol of female emancipation. So to be honest, is that really a bad thing? if it helped women and it got to the audience as a whole that they targeted, causing awareness, is it a bad thing??? Also, another thing. I am a feminist and I really like men, not all their attitudes as some of them join my friend in being a total tit, but why should we hate all of them? Not all of them join the grumbling idiots who don't understand. I have a boyfriend, who occasionally will joke before I hit him, who at heart does believe the same ideas but it frustrates me that all men think feminists hate men. Just because you are a feminist doesn't mean you instantly hate everything normal and MUST become a radical.

My 'friend' just didn't seem to get it. Also, this kitchen malarky, I can take a joke as much as the next woman but take it one step over the line and I will take a HELL of a lot of offence. We have spent years trying to get a sense of equality within society after YEARS of oppression only for it to be turned on its head.

When I had calmed down, I thought, you know what I will give them a chance, I will see what he thinks feminism is and help him if he doesn't get it. I then began fighting a losing battle. He didn't want to listen and then uttered the phrase 'you on your period' to which then I had to leave. When he start thinking it's a good idea that they blame periods, it is then that it makes my blood boil and that I begin to lose my cool. Yes, women have periods. Yes, we get angry. Yes, I can and will punch you in the face if you use that pathetic argument on my one more time.

In one of my Ian McEwan lessons, my tutor Greg once said in the middle of a lesson, 'who is a feminist here? and what is a feminist?' it got me thinking and it made me proud to be his student when he turned to us and said, 'I am a feminist!'. This made every girl love him all the more, he is a bit of a babe any way, but this helped his cause. If you believe in equal rights for all and really so much more to do with gender politics, then you are one as well. I worry for people who talk about things that they clearly don't understand. Now, I don't know everything about feminism, but I know a fair bit in order to understand a general feeling and try to pave my own opinion in the field. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to explain to certain people what the difference is, as they will be like 'Oh she's just a 'feminist', awwww... never mind don't listen to her' I do worry about those who aren't prepared to listen and are stuck in an old fashioned way. It upsets me to be honest. We still have a long way to go, but I hope that some time soon that it will dawn on my 'friend' that they are an idiot and a feminist really.

If you don't agree with this blog then that's your own prerogative. I hope that you see where I am coming from and don't hate me too much :)
thanks for reading my rant

Abbly xxxxxx 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's been bliss!

Well these past couple of days have been amazing. I turned 21 which was interesting. My actual birthday was on the 25th but went out on the 24th as well because I could! First time in a good long while :) was amazing and it was just so much fun! Went to second bridge on the 24th and at midnight was wished happy birthday by everyone and also by the dj ! Rather embarrassing but hilarious. My awesome boyfriend came down and he is here til Friday when I officially leave bath :( but it is also the summer ball so that should be ace :) another amazing surprise was that my sister came down and completely surprised me. I screamed in her face and wouldn't stop hugging her ! I had already had a few BUT on the plus side I got to see her ! Happy days. I am looking forward to everything that is in my future and hope everything goes according to plan !
Still a bit freaked out that I'm 21.... Hopefully this feeling will fade !

Friday, 18 May 2012

I've actually bloody done it... I handed in my dissertation and thus this is the end of my Bath Spa University life...

Don't really know what to do with myself....


....Am going out in true Bath Spa style.......TIME TO GO OUT AND RECLAIM MY SOCIAL LIFE!!!!

.......and this now means that I can start properly blogging again!

So expect more from me. However, I am cooking food and getting ready for my night out with the English Literature possy, so this is just a brief HUZZAH I DID IT!

It's good to have freedom but I do still feel like I lack purpose due to the EPIC amount of work I have done over the last three years. I think I will get used to it.

Welcome me back blogger! I am back with a SHZAAAAMMM!

Abbly xxxxx

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Oh. My. God.....
I went to see new Avengers film last night....and my goodness......It is officially awesome. 
I want to go and see it again like NOW!!!
a collection of the greatest Marvel superheroes and an action packed story, and a serious set of eye candy !!! I went with my friends Jess, Maddie and Ceri last  night. We had to catch a 2D showing as I can't see 3D it hurts my eyes too much. We booked our tickets for the 10.00 pm showing and it was surprisingly packed. 3D might just be a phase after all..... I digress. We bought popcorn and tango slushies, which we added a cheeky bit of vodka to so we could giggle more at Captain America's rather peachy backside and Tony Stark's sarcastic quips.
I seriously loved it, I did have this image that it would just be IRONMAN oh yeah and the others as well, but surprisingly not, everyone had a decent distribution of time within the film. I also thought that Captain America might be a bit, whiny, but he wasn't so yaaaay! 

Mark Ruffolo played the Hulk brilliantly, his laid back nature was in sharp contrast to what he is like when he is angry and green so well played Marvel, well played.
They left it so there can be a second film so that was good and I am now SUPER excited for it so happy days !
Now I have always had a thing for Mr Robert Downey Jnr, but now all these lovely men can join him in the Abbie's List of Exceptional Hot Men I Would One Day Like To Snog...(hey, a girl can dream)....
 Bruce Banner ! look at his cute face !! Just want to give him a hug ! 
Thor. Just look at him! You can see why he is a god !
 He may technically be about 70 years old, but DAMN! he is smushy! (which means cute) *Salutes* yes Captain :P
 Ironman has always been the man for me, love a bit of Tony :P
And finally, Hawkeye. I didn't really know what to expect from him, but MAN he is AWESOME! The last person I saw that could kick that much ass with a bow and arrow was Legolas from Lord of the Rings. But even he isn't a patch on Hawkeye. Hawkeye is also rather smushy.

But it isn't just a manly action film, bringing it in for the girls is the awesome Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. She is a mysterious character as she is a spy, not quite like the other guys with all the 'You won't like me when I am angry' and SMASHES HAMMER! She is just plain awesome. Black Widow, although wearing a VERY tight suit, which I would imagine would be quite difficult to kick butt in, doesn't half kick some serious ass.

So here is the basic plot, I won't spoil to much because if you don't see it then you will miss out BIG TIME. Basically, in the Capt America film, there is a energy source that is called the cosmic cube (in the Marvel world any way, it has a different name in the film). The cube has the ability to be a powerful energy source and also be a powerful weapon (for more insight, watch Captain America). Thor's 'brother' Loki, (serious family issues, for more details watch Thor) is after said cube, so he can bring an alien army to earth and .... how can I put it.....F**k s**t up. (sorry for the expletives but he does!). It is up to Nick Fury and the Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ironman, Captain America and Thor to stop him before it is to late. I recommend you see it . Like NOW.

Go and see it like NOW....

NO really.....why are you still sat at the computer....

I SAID NOW.......


Abbly xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I am really happy I can blog on my iPod now. Makes life easier!
This is just a generic blergh. Life's a bit of a stress at the moment. So if you are a bit stressed then I tell you now to stop what you are doing. Take a seat. And join me in having a nice brew ! I am taking a moment to relax as I have had a bit of a shit day overall. My uncle johnny passed away this morning and I am having serious dissertation issues.
This brews for you uncle John. Hope they have the kettle ready for you wherever you may be.
The show must go on.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Heading back to Uni for the last time

Well. I say last time. Last time in bath if I survive till graduation :( its going to be brilliant because I get to see everyone and I am going to make the most of it. But, when it's all over, I am going to be a mess!! Crying and emotional! Been the quickest three years of my life! I am (hopefully) moving to Uni if Cumbria but it will never be the same as my time in bath :( it has been incredible and I have meet such awesome people! A true nevillite for life :) good luck to all and lets do this shit lol

Friday, 30 March 2012



Right a while ago I blogged about how I was applying for a PGCE (teacher training course) and how I was excited about doing my Manchester interview. Well, after screaming about how excited I was to the entire of the internet, they rejected me. I was, as you can imagine, completely bummed. The reason they gave me for rejecting my offer was, apparently, I didn't discuss any educational issues. Now, they didn't ask me any questions about educational issues and nor was there an opportunity to bring it into what we were discussing. So poo to them. 
But I'm not bitter........ I kid. I am sure Manchester uni is a wonderful establishment, just clearly not the place for me. 
Now! I was totally bummed, moping about how I was pretty much 100% sure my life was over and I was never going to teach. Until the other week I got an interview from the university of Cumbria. Home town bound, I seriously prepared this time. I had to do a micro teach which was a ten minute lesson about sonnets and I made it my mission to know EVERYTHING about educational issues at the moment. I also didn't shout it to the world this time. And today, whilst sat in Vinegar Joe's in Windermere, I checked my emails...

Miss Barton, your application status has changed

My heart leaped! I swiftly rang the boyfriend, told him my log in details for the GTTR and asked him to look....
University of Cumbria.....CONDITIONAL OFFER !!!
BOOOM IN YOUR FACE MANCHESTER UNI!!!! I quite literally jumped up and down for joy when I found out :) !!! and I am soooo happy!!!! 

Hope you are all as happy as I am and I do hope you have a smashing weekend !! as I am now going to crack on as this 2.1 isn't going to get itself gotten :P !!

Abbly xxxx