Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's been bliss!

Well these past couple of days have been amazing. I turned 21 which was interesting. My actual birthday was on the 25th but went out on the 24th as well because I could! First time in a good long while :) was amazing and it was just so much fun! Went to second bridge on the 24th and at midnight was wished happy birthday by everyone and also by the dj ! Rather embarrassing but hilarious. My awesome boyfriend came down and he is here til Friday when I officially leave bath :( but it is also the summer ball so that should be ace :) another amazing surprise was that my sister came down and completely surprised me. I screamed in her face and wouldn't stop hugging her ! I had already had a few BUT on the plus side I got to see her ! Happy days. I am looking forward to everything that is in my future and hope everything goes according to plan !
Still a bit freaked out that I'm 21.... Hopefully this feeling will fade !

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    21?! Just a BABY!!! Bless! XXXXX