Saturday, 28 April 2012


Oh. My. God.....
I went to see new Avengers film last night....and my goodness......It is officially awesome. 
I want to go and see it again like NOW!!!
a collection of the greatest Marvel superheroes and an action packed story, and a serious set of eye candy !!! I went with my friends Jess, Maddie and Ceri last  night. We had to catch a 2D showing as I can't see 3D it hurts my eyes too much. We booked our tickets for the 10.00 pm showing and it was surprisingly packed. 3D might just be a phase after all..... I digress. We bought popcorn and tango slushies, which we added a cheeky bit of vodka to so we could giggle more at Captain America's rather peachy backside and Tony Stark's sarcastic quips.
I seriously loved it, I did have this image that it would just be IRONMAN oh yeah and the others as well, but surprisingly not, everyone had a decent distribution of time within the film. I also thought that Captain America might be a bit, whiny, but he wasn't so yaaaay! 

Mark Ruffolo played the Hulk brilliantly, his laid back nature was in sharp contrast to what he is like when he is angry and green so well played Marvel, well played.
They left it so there can be a second film so that was good and I am now SUPER excited for it so happy days !
Now I have always had a thing for Mr Robert Downey Jnr, but now all these lovely men can join him in the Abbie's List of Exceptional Hot Men I Would One Day Like To Snog...(hey, a girl can dream)....
 Bruce Banner ! look at his cute face !! Just want to give him a hug ! 
Thor. Just look at him! You can see why he is a god !
 He may technically be about 70 years old, but DAMN! he is smushy! (which means cute) *Salutes* yes Captain :P
 Ironman has always been the man for me, love a bit of Tony :P
And finally, Hawkeye. I didn't really know what to expect from him, but MAN he is AWESOME! The last person I saw that could kick that much ass with a bow and arrow was Legolas from Lord of the Rings. But even he isn't a patch on Hawkeye. Hawkeye is also rather smushy.

But it isn't just a manly action film, bringing it in for the girls is the awesome Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. She is a mysterious character as she is a spy, not quite like the other guys with all the 'You won't like me when I am angry' and SMASHES HAMMER! She is just plain awesome. Black Widow, although wearing a VERY tight suit, which I would imagine would be quite difficult to kick butt in, doesn't half kick some serious ass.

So here is the basic plot, I won't spoil to much because if you don't see it then you will miss out BIG TIME. Basically, in the Capt America film, there is a energy source that is called the cosmic cube (in the Marvel world any way, it has a different name in the film). The cube has the ability to be a powerful energy source and also be a powerful weapon (for more insight, watch Captain America). Thor's 'brother' Loki, (serious family issues, for more details watch Thor) is after said cube, so he can bring an alien army to earth and .... how can I put it.....F**k s**t up. (sorry for the expletives but he does!). It is up to Nick Fury and the Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ironman, Captain America and Thor to stop him before it is to late. I recommend you see it . Like NOW.

Go and see it like NOW....

NO really.....why are you still sat at the computer....

I SAID NOW.......


Abbly xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I am really happy I can blog on my iPod now. Makes life easier!
This is just a generic blergh. Life's a bit of a stress at the moment. So if you are a bit stressed then I tell you now to stop what you are doing. Take a seat. And join me in having a nice brew ! I am taking a moment to relax as I have had a bit of a shit day overall. My uncle johnny passed away this morning and I am having serious dissertation issues.
This brews for you uncle John. Hope they have the kettle ready for you wherever you may be.
The show must go on.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Heading back to Uni for the last time

Well. I say last time. Last time in bath if I survive till graduation :( its going to be brilliant because I get to see everyone and I am going to make the most of it. But, when it's all over, I am going to be a mess!! Crying and emotional! Been the quickest three years of my life! I am (hopefully) moving to Uni if Cumbria but it will never be the same as my time in bath :( it has been incredible and I have meet such awesome people! A true nevillite for life :) good luck to all and lets do this shit lol