Sunday, 3 February 2013


Tomorrow I say my final farewell to my grandpa.

I'm not going to cope with it well, I know I will be a mess.

Yet, whenever I think of him, I think of the Noddy car I had at his house. It was a complete death trap on wheels. Metal pedals that flung round at the speed of light. The steering never worked either. But it was the best damn thing in the world.

So, I guess that's me clinging to his memory.

One of the greatest men in my life, the one who always knew I could do it. He never lost faith in me.

So now, when I lose faith in myself, I just need to think of that noddy car. And how the pedals of life may knackered and cut your knees when things are hard, but there will always be good people around to help. They will pick you up, give you a hug and hopefully give you some jelly tots.

So if any of you ever feel low and sad. Just think, someone will always be willing to listen and to help you out of your Noddy car. 

Abbly xxxx