Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Well Well Well ! ABOUT TIME !!!!

Hello you lovely people !

Having been on holiday for the past couple of days and having returned to the real world kicking and screaming, I was perusing the selection of wonderful magazines in the Co-op (a supermarket thing in the UK for all those who don't know what it is) I unearthed a discovery that on the front cover of Empire is ...... THE HOBBIT !!!

Now, I had completely forgotten about the Hobbit, as it seemed to take forever to get off the ground. BUT a combination of going to see the last (cries) Harry Potter film soon AND discovering that this is coming out next year in December, I actually esploded with excitement !!! 

The Hobbit is apparently going to be in two parts and it has finally been revealed that Martin Freeman shall be playing a rather fair haired and youthful Bilbo Bagins and that there shall be the return of Sir Ian McKellen as the ever awesome Gandalf. Apart from the random leaks on the internet of random castings and what not its all being kept very hush hush. Production of the damn thing took a long time as there was a lot of um-ing and ah-ing about who was going to be director but I am so happy to say that the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is taking up the role once more as he should do!!! It shall be awesome to go and see it. It will be out late next December so everyone cross everything for it to be a good adaptation like the Lord of the Rings films. 

NOW onto the sad/ Dedication part.

Harry Potter is coming to an end =( even though I have read the final book and I know what happens, I am seriously looking forward to seeing what the last of the films has to offer. They have always brought such joy to many people, with many getting attached to the characters.....I say many..... I mean me. If there wasn't a book to look forward to there was always a film, and soon we shall have neither *gets weepy*. Emma Watson is said to have broken down crying at the end of it all, whilst other simply got teary eyed and emotional. BUT Harry Potter has always been an institution in modern children's lives, we may not have a decent series of books like it again. All you reader who just shouted, TWILIGHT, go die in a hole as it will NEVER meet up to the standards and expectations brought with Harry Potter. J.K.Rowling, I seriously would love to A. meet you and B.shake your hand and thank you for bringing us the boy who lived. 
The film is said to be the darkest of them all with some seriously gory bits in. There have been some snipets leaked on the internet but they don't seem enough to give any of the game away. The Boy who lived, Harry Potter, shall always be in out hearts forever. I'm getting quite emotional writing this, I feel quite passionate about Harry Potter! 

I will write more of a review when I have seen it but I have been told that Neville Longbottom truly kicks some serious ass in this film and that there are moments which are truly brilliant and breath taking. As well as being SUPER jumpy and scary at time. Canne Wait. 

This has been a bit of a random blog but I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog :) Will most likely be reviewing Transformers the neeeewww one, if any one will go and see it with me :( I hate it when everyone who I want to see a film with has already seen it!!! grrr! booo hoooo!! AND the last  Harry Potter film. 

My name is Abbly and I approve this blog. 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hello blogger it's been a while .....

How do happy people.

I apologise for abandoning my blog for so long but life has been a tad hectic of late.
I have finished my second year of uni which was scary, finished on a 2.2 so not to bad but not what I was anticipating either. I moved back home for the summer and am working my ass of trying to get myself out of my overdraft. It's a slow process. Especially since my parents had the idea of going on holiday. It's going to end in disaster :/ mainly because my family argue enough when we are at home, and I highly doubt a holiday will change that. Grr. Never mind we shall see how it all pans out.

This is a slightly rangy blog but also just a line up of what I am probably gonna be chatting about in my next blog as it's quarter past 7 in the morning in the uk and I have been up since half 5 so my attention span is limited. The newwwww and last ( cries ) Harry potter film !!!! Can't believe it's going to be over. We don't even have a book to look forward to or a film or anything. How am I going to function in these circumstances !!!!!!!! I can't !!!!!! also the new transformers films. I have only heard good things about it and also have heard the linkin park song that is on the soundtrack that is ace ! So go and check that out :) ( alas I can't post. Link on here as am using an iPad and have no idea how to.... Fancy eh :P ) cool beans. Also I found a cool video on YouTube because ya no when it's half five in the morning you look up random on YouTube it's called wizard love and it's about the forbidden love between a GRyfinddor and a SLytherin it's s good crack :)

If I survive this holiday then I shall blog you all later but this is my slightly pathetic blog and I hope you are all merry people's and have a lovely weekend. Don't get drunk or talk to strangers ! Or do! Whatever you want :) but if they offer you candy don't take it :)

My names Abbly, and I approve this message :)