Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My life in dribs and drabs....

My life is currently a blur and i am super tired so if this doesn't make that much sense I apologies in advance.

Well I have officially started placement at an awesome school! It's been a bit nuts recently with everything happening. It is all very surreal to be honest. By Christmas I will be teaching 7 hours of lessons which will be weird thinking I am in control of a class! Gaaaah! Me! In control of a class!!!!

Ok let's back track. Highlight of my book collection, the other day because Danny bought me a Dalek handbook! Which is ace! And something that I will have no chance to read!! Ergh!!

Also the other day I met one of the tutors from my school and I took pictures of what I wore because I love it. My top is yellow and has black hearts all over it. I got it from a charity shop for £2.50 and they are selling the exact top in Tesco for £10! I am clearly cooler! With black jeans and a cardigan both from Tesco. My boots are from matalan in ze sale :) The cheeky grin was from the excitement of meeting mentors and such :) however the icing in the cake was my brilliant and fabulous new bag. I love it and I can thank my lovely boyfriend for it because he gots it for me, let me hear you say awwwwww! He's brill. I love it. He said he was giving it to me for Christmas but said I could use it early for placement :) yay!

Well I need to crack on with my essay right now but I hope to keep you upto date. Hope you are all well :)

Loves Abbly xxxxxx