Tuesday, 5 June 2012

If you don't know what you are talking about, then I think you should shut up.....

Well. I am officially home now. Away from the lovely city of Bath, where people are a bit more open minded than some people back here. I don't want this to be seen as a generalisation of everyone where I live, just a select few. Now, I am a liberal feminist. I'm not an angry feminist (unless you actually do something stupid or don't use indicators when driving....that bugs me!) or one that will shove my views in your face. I just like the notion of equality through education of the matters and a general appreciation for the position of women of the years. Many women have done a lot to uphold female values and get us where we are today, I think it is fair to say we should appreciate them and hold them in high prestige.

NOW, the reason for this slight rant really is because some people clearly do not get what Feminism actually is, yet like to rant about it. I was sat with someone today who was on facebook, a girl had put a rant about guys (she's just broken up with a guy who cheated on her) and how she was through with them. My 'friend' turned to me and said, 'God, get these angry feminists. Burning bras and hating men won't get you far. The should just get back in the kitchen. Stupid feminists'........

Oh WOW. There were so many issues that I had with what they said that I actually had to leave the room. Two things about the whole burning bra's thing. One, not EVERY feminist burnt bra's, and Two, it was a form of liberation for women during the 60's, a potent symbol of female emancipation. So to be honest, is that really a bad thing? if it helped women and it got to the audience as a whole that they targeted, causing awareness, is it a bad thing??? Also, another thing. I am a feminist and I really like men, not all their attitudes as some of them join my friend in being a total tit, but why should we hate all of them? Not all of them join the grumbling idiots who don't understand. I have a boyfriend, who occasionally will joke before I hit him, who at heart does believe the same ideas but it frustrates me that all men think feminists hate men. Just because you are a feminist doesn't mean you instantly hate everything normal and MUST become a radical.

My 'friend' just didn't seem to get it. Also, this kitchen malarky, I can take a joke as much as the next woman but take it one step over the line and I will take a HELL of a lot of offence. We have spent years trying to get a sense of equality within society after YEARS of oppression only for it to be turned on its head.

When I had calmed down, I thought, you know what I will give them a chance, I will see what he thinks feminism is and help him if he doesn't get it. I then began fighting a losing battle. He didn't want to listen and then uttered the phrase 'you on your period' to which then I had to leave. When he start thinking it's a good idea that they blame periods, it is then that it makes my blood boil and that I begin to lose my cool. Yes, women have periods. Yes, we get angry. Yes, I can and will punch you in the face if you use that pathetic argument on my one more time.

In one of my Ian McEwan lessons, my tutor Greg once said in the middle of a lesson, 'who is a feminist here? and what is a feminist?' it got me thinking and it made me proud to be his student when he turned to us and said, 'I am a feminist!'. This made every girl love him all the more, he is a bit of a babe any way, but this helped his cause. If you believe in equal rights for all and really so much more to do with gender politics, then you are one as well. I worry for people who talk about things that they clearly don't understand. Now, I don't know everything about feminism, but I know a fair bit in order to understand a general feeling and try to pave my own opinion in the field. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to explain to certain people what the difference is, as they will be like 'Oh she's just a 'feminist', awwww... never mind don't listen to her' I do worry about those who aren't prepared to listen and are stuck in an old fashioned way. It upsets me to be honest. We still have a long way to go, but I hope that some time soon that it will dawn on my 'friend' that they are an idiot and a feminist really.

If you don't agree with this blog then that's your own prerogative. I hope that you see where I am coming from and don't hate me too much :)
thanks for reading my rant

Abbly xxxxxx 

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  1. Paragraphs, darling... please! This is too hard to read! Sarah xxx