Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What a lovely day :)

What a splendid day I have had :) I went shopping with my grandma and my mum in Kendal for a day out. We began with a cuppa tea as our fuel for the day and then went on to find some lovely items :) after being inspired by the lovely Vix yesterday I went to a few charity shops but alas no prevail but I shall try again soon :) I bought a lovely pair of velvet shoes, down from 50 quid to 15 so I grabbed them. I also got a awesome pale blue polka dot top that will be useful for nights out AND wearing for placement which is a
winner :) now I am going to my boyfriends house to make him make me a cup of tea and relax after a hard days shopping :) it's a tough life but I might as well enjoy it before the insanity begins in September :)


  1. That polka dot top's a beauty, it fits you so well! Keep checking the chazzas, you will strike gold eventually. x

  2. Ooh the polka dots are fabulous - and I love the collar detail! Sarah xxx