Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Packing, back to uni, a night out and lack of sleep.....days 5 & 6 & 7

I have had the most mental couple of days of my life.

Friday - aka day 5 - went well. Bit mental, and ended up having the afternoon off. Which was WIN! I went to the lessons and with the literature lot, it was group work which wasn't to bad. The language (chavvy) lot had to continue working in silence. I missed the second year literature lot as I had a dentist appointment. Then it was a quiet night in with a hot chocolate and a film with the boyfriend which was lovely.

The weekend was messy. Went out and got a lil bit drunkies. I say a lil bit. I got in at 5 in the morning on Sunday. Which resulted in a painful hangover, resolved by some pork scratching and chewits. Yes. I know. Odd hangover cure.

Monday - aka day 6 - It went VERY well. All the English Literature classes were great. I say all. Except the second years. The class that Sue has, there are a few that have very loud voices and very strong opinions. Now, I love a strong opinion as much as the next person, but they seriously take the biscuit. There are five of them that just dominate the class floor, and don't give any one a chance to talk. Sue tries to get the class involved but they just shout over them. Am thinking of what to do to possibly help, but it might involve me shouting at them which would not be good. However, I did help the first years though. For the Language lot I have created a help sheet that has stuff to help them with the commentaries they have to do in assessments. Then it was a return home and do a work out with la fitness group, which caused me to DIE! I am so not a runner. Then sleep. Lots of sleep.

TUESDAY! - aka day 7 - Rather a slow day. The lessons were rather long and I was SO tired. I did however try and help the students as much as I could. In English Language, I helped a lass called Vicky who has no confidence, bless her, so I helped her with her commentary and she managed to write a fair bit. I hope I helped.

And thus, now I must pack for uni. *Sigh*. I am excited to see all my lovelies again. I kinda look like this at the moment....

But I am gonna miss my boyfriend something fierce. Love him lots. <3

In my next blog, MY NEW DRESS HAS ARRIVED !!!!! but alas its not at my house :( Its a Dan's...SO.... its from the land of Aussieness! CANNE WAIT! Stick around and find out!!!

Abbly xxx

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