Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"You're an ex student !?....How old are you?".... Day 2

Well, here is day two. Turned up at 9 again, this time wearing a floral dress, black tights and a red cardigan. I thought I looked rather smart. I turned up and headed to the staff room to find the head of English department staff, Mike, and ALL the tutors were in a meeting. I tried to get in, but it was packed and I got a funny look off a tutor so I just hid outside.

The meeting finished and I was put with Sue again which I was happy about :)! We both then walked to her tutorial group, who were all a bit gormless, but its tutorial (aka registration) and its always dull. Some of them had a few questions about applying for uni, which was cool because I could help. After that I went to another English Literature lesson which was interesting. The classes are studying Dancing at Lughnasa which is a play I have never studied but its actually really good. Set in Ireland in 1936, about the Mundy girls who long for freedom and its a good play, go and check it out!

After that...I had to go to a double with the chavs again.....joy.....(not)...
They were all gob shite but today I didn't have to talk to them today I just sat and did some research for my on coming Shakespeare module. I really do worry about the youth of tomorrow (HOW OLD DO I SOUND!) but they all just didn't seem interested ! Why do a lesson that you aren't interested in !! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! You are at college to learn and be enriched with what you do learn, whats the point in studying something that you are only going waste. That's my opinion anywho :).

After that the day was done. Went pretty quickly actually. I asked my mum to pick me up and she was late *Grr*. So Me and Sue went to the staff room. THE STAFF ROOM ! I felt so professional ! I made a cup of tea and sat and talked to teachers and I felt so cool! weirdly! It was good, Sue was trying to think of something for the second years as they didn't seem to like the text they were studying, which is a book called Disgrace, and she asked me what I thought we could do!! I was a bit put out, and said I would think of something and let her know. It was nice that she was taking my opinion into consideration :)! I felt clever for once =P One of the tutors who looked at me funny in the morning, came over to me and said
"I'm really sorry for looking at you funny before, I just thought you were a student here just a bit lost, Sue says you are here on work experience, You're an ex student ? you look really young and that not a bad thing trust me, how old are you?"
Which sparked off a conversation with her, which was nice, she was a biology tutor.

And thus my second day of be a tutor/helper/work experience person was done.

Now its time for a sit down and a cuppa tea :)

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