Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pirates of the Carribbean 4 review and my life thus far...

Well well well bloggerland, I can finally blog at least once in my slightly hectic lifestyle and can finally chillax a bit =) its good times.

Now, to begin, I finally got round to seeing the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Carribbean films.....NOTE there are spoilers in this :) turn away now! if you don't want to know certain things about it !

Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides....

The story line of the film leads on from the last film, with the introduction of Blackbeard and the new ship, the Queens Ann Revenge. To be honest, it had moments that were a bit of a let down to be fair, but overall it was a good film. Jack Sparrow was , as ever, on truly good form, he had moments that genuinely made me nearly pee myself with laughter. The directors made good use of the strong relationship between Penelope Cruiz and Johnny Depp with sizzling romantic tension. It makes Liz and Will look a bit flavourless really. I must admit I did miss William and Elizabeth, and the new romantic relationship between the mermaid and the young religious pirate is a bit weak, it needs to be explored more. Its in the early stages of "new relationship over shadowed by intense relationship in the previous film" kind of things. The mermaids themselves were ACE! one of the best elements of the whole films!!! they weren't the traditional Ariel with singing fish they were genuinly scary! awesome things. The zombies also a bit of a let down alas as they weren't "proper" zombies.  Barbossa is back, but not in his usual form, he is a privateer which is just plain WEIRD. Barbossa is a bit of a let down, as I expected more evilness from him, but Blackbeard gave enough evilness for everyone. The whole tone of the film was alot darker, which was good, as it made it more interesting and the story line is alot more detailed giving room for expansion into other films. On a last note....here's a pretty picture of the lovely Mr Depp .... :)

How Happy and cheery does he look! He made the film epic! Plus he is UBER good looking !! (yummy)
Overall I give this film a......
Note quite as epic as the previous films, but can lead to epicness all the same.


And on a slightly more amusing note....heres some pictures from my night out for my twentieth :). The teenage mutant ninja turtle idea kinda flung out the window and I ended up going as the joker. My boyfriend and his bestfriend went as Batman and Robin so it was quite and easy costume :) enjoy peeps
 An unsual alliance, Batman, Robin and the Joker all completely smashed :P
 There are no words......Just confusion...
 Start the night on vodka shots, its gonna end well !
 its gonna be a fab night when you find a chocolate shop that sell chocolate boobs and you can get a casting of your own boobs!!!
 On it like a car bonet!
My friends went as Bill and Ben...I stole Weed :P 

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