Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding Fever ! - Part 2 !

Well the event has occured. Wills and Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Camberidge and all can live happily ever after ! awwwwwww. How very Disney !

How lovely ! Don't they look so cuuuuute !

Now.... Onto the serious matters.....

How to do EPIC Royal Wedding hatware !!!!
How to do it successfully !!!!!
Mrs Beckham! My hat off to you for this epic bit of hatware !!! It is a really beautiful piece of fashion! I would LOVE this hat! Its like walking around with a bit of art work on your head !! its awesome!

Now.... How try to be successful in Royal Wedding Hatware.....

Ok now each to there own but WHAT on earth is going on here ^^^^^^
Words leave me they really do !! am sure it was wonderful idea at the time the pair of them but ergh ! just didn't work for meeeeee!

I was quite disappointed as it looked like Samantha Cameron didn't ever wear any sort of hear gear, but apparently she did but it was discrete.....NOT GOOD ENOUGH...If I had gone I would have worn some kind of MASSIVE fruit hat. Who is with me ???!!!.. just me....ah well ! :)

Other random Royal wedding things are......

Apparently Boris Johnson has given them .... a tandem bike as a wedding present..... well done Boris *salutes him*. He is actually potty. I just want to go for a night out with him. Would probs end up interestingly!!!

Apparently on the day itself, 21 people got arrested ! for what was considered suspicious actions ! didn't expect that to happen !!! but hey ho every fairytale wedding has some kind of evil step mother or scary dragon.....

My sister's boyfriend, who shall not be named for embarrassment *cough GARY cough* thought bunting ( as in the long strings of mini flags) was a cake. So, so he didn't look toooooo stupid, my lovely sister made him some chocolate rice krispies cakes and put a "B" on them, just so he could have Bunting cakes. Now I think he got a bit confused, but here you go mate...heres some bunting cake....

One Person who looked super lovely (apart from Kate Middleton whose wedding dress was BEAUTIFUL!!!) was H.R.H the Queen, Elizabeth who looked so happy!! in her lovely yellow outfit! it made a difference to the quite dark outfits that some of the other guest had on and she just looked so happy. I wanted to give her a big hug!

Congratters to the new couple and a bally great HUZZAH for the wedding going well!!
and just for the laughs.....

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