Saturday, 19 March 2011

Comic Relief 2011 !

This is my post dedicated to Comic Relief 2011!

Thats right, 18th March, me and a group of my lovely friendies sat down to watch the goggle box for an evening of fun and comic, yet highly insightful events.

This year, the comedy EXCELLED! I have never laughed so hard in my life!
Things that are definately my top highlights of the night, which I wanted to share with all you wonderful bloggers! -

1. Now, not to sound over like an over excited Doctor Who fan. But. THE DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL WAS IMMENSE! I thought it was awesome! It was very clever. Well. A lil bit pervy BUT hey ho. Many lads can be happy with the thought of two Amy Pond's.  Part One - - Part Two -

2. JLS teaming up with Miranda ! - they sang there new song Eyes Wide Shut. Now I'm not the biggest JLS be honest, I don't really like there style of music.....BUT I think they should keep Miranda in the song! she made it !! oh yeah and JLS stands for Just Left School !! hehe SUCH FUN! - here ya go people ! she raps ! what more do you need ! -

3. Now. I say PINAPPLE DANCE STUDIO! You think... Louis Spence. You would never think...Miranda Hart....Trust me my friend neither would I. BUT using characters from her sitcom such as Stevie, her mum and Gary, she made it her own. With Louis being her rival looking after JLS, its just a feast of comedy waiting to happen. Here the youtube link people! -

4. FAKE THAT!!! No. Not the Fake That that is touring the UK. THIS is what I call the PROPER Fake That. David Walliams, Alan Carr, James Cordon, Catherine Tate and John Bishop. Truly awesome! Took part in Take Thats new song and made it AMAZING !! I have not laughed so hard in a good long while!! -

5. One word my friends. Smithy. He stole the show in his sketch, Smithy to the Rescue, with ALOT of celeb faces. He is SO clever. Its incredible. The sketch ranged from having the remaining Beatles to Ron Weasley. He is one awesome dude ! Smithy to the rescue -

Seriously this year comedy has gone into overdrive !!! its immense !

I give this year was definately a five star night. Well done everyone on the night ! You certainly entertained and it is a record breaking year !!

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