Thursday, 7 April 2011

Seriously....why have I never heard of Swishing before !!!

Ok... I will be the first to say I am not the most fashionable person in the land....

But at a Swishing event I went to the other night, I grabbed some pretty cool swishes !!
Now, for all you lovelies who do not know what swishing is, I didn't til the other night. It is basically, you take as many items of unwanted clothes,e.g. jeans that don't fit or that horrendous shirt thats hidden in the back of your wardrobe, as you want e.g.5 items of clothing and you swap it for other items that people have brought that catch your eye and that you actually would wear! all for FREEEEEE!

What I took with me -

1. Pair of awful jeans - so much jeweling on the backside you could hang me from the ceiling and use me as a glitter ball.
2. A plain blue t-shirt - I used to wear it for the gym and its just plain boring.
3. A Hello Kitty t-shirt - It was my sisters, who is a bit bigger in the bust than I am and I didn't really like it.
4. A Jumper T-shirt thing - It was uber small for me.....*cries*...damn me putting on a bit of podge !!
5. A cream weird cardigan thingy - It was many sizes too big.

I returned with ! -

1. A Jack Skellington t-shirt for my wonderful Boyfriend ! -
2. A blue and cream jumper, t-shirty thing -
3. A racing green jumper from Zara (this isnt the exact jumper but its close enough! Its well fitting and its really cute!)-

4. A really nice back shirt, with cream ruffles and on the ruffles there were black stars and lines. I cant even find a picture its that nice ! so I shall have to take a picture of me in it and get it on here!

5. Finally, My friend Jess's dress - I have always like it and it kinda looks like this dress - except with alot more lace and no collar.
I seriously reccommend going to a swishing event! they are so much fun and you never know what you will find!!

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