Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ULTIMATE Gaming Tattooooo's and R.I.P Elizabeth Sladen

Literally, everyone I know and their mum's are getting a tattoo recently!! literally! Its weird! this not only got me thinking that I might get one.... if I wasn't terrified! I was wondering could people tell me a bit about there experiances with tattoo's and stuff, might boost my confidence a bit ? AND the other day I saw someone had written something about gaming tattoo's and taking the game to the ink. I thought it was cool and thought I would display some of these awesome tats to you lovely bloggers !


This is one detailed back tattoo!! So intricate, pretty and Zelda !

This is pretty cool! Heard of gaming being in the blood but hey, it's a new one to have a controller coming out of your body!

I feel this must have been a fairly painful tattoo to get done! But YAY PACMAN !!

Respect your roots. Enough said !

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA! *DRAMATIC MUSIC!* I like the emphasis on the triforce ! looking good my friend!

Seriously, IF and thats a bloody BIG IF! I had to get any of these tattoo's IT WOULD SO BE THIS ONE!! How cute is kirby on this sleeeeeve!!! SO CUTE !!! It's so detailed and everything on it is UBER cute !!! I like the rainbow especially!

There you go all you happy clappy people ! I hope you are having a lovely day and that you are all superly duperly !

However, on a sad note, I dedicate this part of my blog to Elizabeth Sladen. R.I.P. You were truly amazing and will be in the hearts of Doctor Who fans forever. <3

You will be deeply missed by all.


  1. My thoughts on tattoos is that you only live once and that everyone is a big blank canvas - so why not decorate it a bit?! They aren't as painful as you might think really. Only bony and soft tissue areas may get a bit sore (i.e foot or back of arm). I got my first tattoo on my left shoulder blade and it hardly hurt at all. It's a very bearable kind of hot scratchy pain. Start out with something small and you'll be pleasantly surprised I reckon =P
    Also, R.I.P Sarah Jane - that pic is so sad!!! :_(

  2. A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a temporary notion. Bear that in mind. And start small, with something you have considered for at least a few months. A good tip is to print out the image you are thinking of getting tattooed, and pin it up somewhere you will see it a few times a day. If you're not sick of looking at it after a few weeks, then it's time to get it inked on your body!