Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who would you invite to tea ?

I have decided to start off (hopefully) a blog that will catch on !

I got asked the question recently "If you could invite any 5 people, dead or alive, to a dinner who would you invite ?" I think this is really cool question and one I have been thinking about. It's also a question I pose to you lot now!

Write a blog that list 5 famous or not famous, dead or alive, people who you want to invite to a dinner do! then link it back to me and spread the word! Its just a bit of fun and would be cool if it took off !

My dinner party guest list would be.... *drum rolllll please*.......

1. Numero uno, come on this guy would be AWESOME to talk to !! like literally !! This man is the brains behind The Importance of being Ernest and Dorian Grey and he is just so freakin clever ! might feel a tad unacedemic around him but I don't care! he would be top of my list Mr Oscar Wilde *bows in awe of his awesomeness*...
2. Well I consider him to be uber sexy and an all round FABULOUS actor. He can not only strike me down with a glance but he also seems like the nicest guy ever ! literally he looks like someone you can actually have a laugh with ! which is a first for most actors ! hehehe ! He is the Tecspacular JOHNNY DEPP!!...phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

3. She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen and I would LOVE to sit and have a brew and a chinwag with her because she is so lovely ! Miss Dita Vin Teeeeese !
4. This man is the face of QI and would be funny to get him on the same table as Oscar Wilde as he played him in the film! AND I managed to quote him in a uni essay of mine ! he is the ever awesome ....STEPHEN FRY ! WOOOO

5. And finallllyyyy! and last, but by NO means least ! My Doctor ! no I don't mean my GP Doctor Rathi. My awesome Doctor Mr David Tennant. I have a lot of respect for this man and He is a truly amazing actor. He made Doctor Who as popular as it is in the modern era, he was and will always be my doctor *weeps!* HE IS AWESOME !

Well there you go peeps! Now its your turn! if you choose to accept this mission, can you do me a favour, I want to be able to see more blogs and read other peoples work and such. SO once you have a go at it , could you post a link on my comments section so I can have a sneaky read? would be lovely to be able to read other peoples blogs :) !

Muchos thanks and have fun doing this !!
Abbly xxxxx

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  1. Oooh! I'm going to blog about this too. Fo sho. Loving your choices. I think if I had Dita at my dinner table I'd just sit there and stare for hours...or until she got uncomfortable and left... haha x