Friday, 19 November 2010

Potters Back !!!

Well, well, well... at long last Potter fans of the world can scream and dust off the wands and pointy hats, because the lastest movie has arrived. Critics are calling it the darkest movie of the lot and audiences have been promised to be given a thrill. Now, being a rather big Potter nerd, I have re-read the seventh book a fair few times during the holidays so I can see how they interpret the book. If they get it right, its going to be a majorly awesomely epic.

The last book The Deathly Hallows is being split into two films, showing that theres going to be the ever immortal yet HIGHLY annoying cliff hanger at the end of the first installment. The wizarding world has become a dark and dangerous place to live in, with Harry, Ron and Hermionie going on a mission to destroy the immortal Lord Voldemort, whilst saving as many people as they can in the mean time. It is truly the ultimate last battle!!! The most unlikely of people come forward as being strong and bold characters, but I'll let you watch the movie or read the book to find out who they are!

Now, I shall be viewing the film this evening, so I think that everyone of you reading this blog should, nay, I command !!! to go out and buy a ticket and watch the movie ! And yes, you might say, you have't seen it, how do you know what it will be like? my view is this, the books are magnificently crafted and the films gives it booming life, the past movies (in my own opinion with an exception of the Order of the Pheonix)  have been truly wondeful and I have high hopes for this lastest film, therefore feel that I can safely assured in saying its fanstastic !!!

I shall give another review once seeing the film!! and I have no doubt it shall be good news! so look out for more Potter-ry goodness!

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