Thursday, 25 August 2011

Keith Lemon, Doctor Who, riots and a want to be creative.....

Ola blogger land !

Well, its been a while once again *hangs head in shame*
BUT I come bearing another wonderful blog for you to read and hopefully enjoy!

Now two things have seriously caught my eye recently in the news....
1. the riots that have kicked off in the UK - yeah, its at times like this were I really wonder what people are thinking. What has happened has happened but it shouldn't have ever got that far. What began as a peaceful protest went nuts and things kicked off. Manchester wasn't the nicest place to be the other week (I went shopping, they had completely burnt down Miss Selfridge.....not impressed). I seriously hope that those effected by these riots are helped and everything will be sorted.
2. On a really different reallyyyyyy different ...... and somewhat slightly more excited note...........KEITH LEMON IS TURNING ON BLACKPOOL LIGHTS!!! Blackpool is a lovely.... say alrightish town in the have to go there to live it =P I am serious need of tickets like yesterday !! He will be turning them on and ITS ACE! Bang tidy!!
and also.....this weekend.....


OOO WWAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO! (This is TARDIS noises for all those who thing its just me being an idiot)

Yep Doctor Who is back this weekend and its just damn exciting :D!!! The episode on Saturday is called lets kill Hitler....which is just thrilling!!! Its nuts because on the last episode River Song was revealed as Melody Pond, Rory and Amy's daughter (and if you didn't know WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?)

Here are some promo pics for the rest of the series !!
 Amy with a Sword !! EPIC! 

 Attack of the killer jellyfish? 
                                                         Stephen Moffat....I couldn't have put it better myself !!
Well I hope that you are all well. I really need to get creative ! so I need some ideas ! if anyone has any idea hows I can get creative let me know !!

My names Abbly, and I approve this message ! (YAY FOR RAY WILLIAM JONSON!!)

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