Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I seriously love cake....

This blog pretty much does what it says on the tin. I have recently thought of making a cake for someone special, as it's their birthday soon, and I am also rather skint. So its a win win if I can get it right. In this way I have also researched cakes that I can make.
In my head I think I can make something like this.....
But it will probably turn out like this........
But said person does like the cookie monster so I was seriously thinking of making something along these lines....
But on a bigger scale.
But said person also loves games quite a bit. When I say a bit, I mean they are addicted. So I could maybe try and be adventurous and do something like this.....
Maybe make a giant red or green mushroom cake.  
What do you reckon guys? I really need some help because I am just struggling. I want it to be decent and an awesome present. 
On a cake related note, here are some awesome cakes I have found whilst googling the above images. They are ace and I really wish I could bake cakes as awesome as these.......
Sushi Cake !
May the force be with you!! 
How gorgeous is this !!!!! I wouldn't want to eat this vintage beauty of a cake!
This would screw with my head, big time. It's meant to be savory but it CAKE!
seriously this is cake art !!
I think that's enough of random cool cakes. I am just gonna take a moment to dedicate this bit to the cake that is currently being my source of sweetness for the past uni filled days. 
Mr Kipling you are exceedingly good! 
I have had them in the snack pots and they have been my little source of happiness in my long hours working in the library. Happy days.
Hope you are all well!
Abbly xxxxxxxx

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