Friday, 21 January 2011

The Guide to Northern Cuisine

Yes, thats right. I feel homesick ! Therefore I intend to have a blog about how awesome it is to be Northern! As much as I love the lovely city of Bath, I am very proud of my Northerness (if thats a word...)

I'm from the wonderful land that is the Lake District. For all you who don't know where that is, google it. The amount of times I'v nattered to people in Bath and they've said, "You don't sound from around here! where are you from?" "The Lake District" .... * they've a blank expression*... "Cumbria?"...... *they've still got a blank expression*..... "North West?????"..... *they switch topic of conversation*" It just easier to say GOOGLE IT !!

The main thing that has outraged my Northerness the past few days, is the topic of food, because apparently some northern food is "weird" BUT I beg to differ!!! So here I give you a Northern Cusine Guide =

1. Chips, Cheese and Gravy - My wonderful amigo Maz and I have been fighting the corner for the northern delight that is in fact Chips, Cheese and Gravy (NOM!!!). Now, the meer mention of this in the presence of people made them cringe, BUT TRY IT PEOPLE !!! its REALLY nice!!!! Many people have only just got round the idea of cheesy chips....but TRY IT !!! its nom.

2.The Chip Butty - I am pretty sure this is known by a few southern people, however its origins are northern. Not matter how many fad diets you can throw at me, it won't stop me eating a chip butty !! None of this brown bread and a salad garnish either !!!

3. Kendal Mint Cake - yes, you are reading that right. Its minty and, to me, looks naff all like a cake, but we do that just to confuse people. It instantly makes you think of misty hill sides, large lakes and angry bearded men telling you, you're wearing the wrong kind of shoes to be walking in.....

4. Yorkshire Pudding - Damn straight its tasty. That is all.

5. Stake/Chicken Bake from Greggs - Greggs is technically a Northern thing, as it was founded in Newcastle (good ole Geordies !) . Learn something new every day ! and they are weirdly addictive to eat. Greggs is a popular branch now, some people thinks its the british version of Starbucks..... but with pies.....

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide, and its proof we don't just eat pies in the north, we eat other pastry related and unhealthy food also.
And on that note I have but this to quote from Linda Smith:

"When it gets really cold in the North, the women just add another layer of suntan"


  1. Oh, btw, I've given you a Versatile Blogger Award =D Congratuwelldone xxx