Monday, 17 January 2011

Hello 2011 ! (Yes I realise I'm a bit late !!!)

Yes, I am fully aware this is rather late, and I havent blogged over christmas but come on, chocolate, random crap on TV, whilst receiving crap presents and putting on your best THANKS THIS PRESENT IS AMAZING face is rather time consuming.

I feel that at christmas, no matter what you do, you will always get a crap present. I definately got one this year, Did anyone else? Yanno what mine was? I got a wooden fish. Thats right people. A wooden FISH! I have never in my life expressed the need to have a wooden fish in my life, but no apparently I needed it. I swear it was just taken from a bathroom wall.

Well, welcome all the 2011 we survived 2010 and let the good times roll!!

What to look forward to in 2011 ?

Well one thing, the Royal Wedding. Yes Prince William is getting married to the lovely Kate Middleton. *Cue alot of tea towels, mugs and a bank holiday...* Occuring at the end of April, so get your best flag waving on ! Apparently when the Queen discovered that the wedding was a go, she ordered A LOT of champagne... you can just imagine the Queen drunk dancing :) a happy thought.

What else can we look forward to ? some rather sporty events, including the Cricket World Cup ( yes that does exsist apparently...=S), the Rugby World Cup *cue BIG men in tiny shorts* and Wimbledon *eats strawberries and cream*.

Apparently we are having a Census this year, trying to help us establish what kind of country we are....well...I'll leave that to your own decision !

We can look forward to a year of excellent films, constantly advancing technology and some kind of bizarre television program coming over from America. I'm just excited as apparently theres more episodes of Dexter arriving so HAPPY DAYS !!!

I hope this year goes well for everyone and BE MERRY!!!

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  1. Yaay! My crap present was a really old bottle of German mulled wine that has obviously been in someones cupboard since 1895. Lush.