Saturday, 4 December 2010

Aye spy upon the horizon !!! A new Pirate film to hit the scene !!!

Aye spy upon the horizon !!! A new Pirate film to hit the scene !!!
Cue the rather dashing and notorious pirate Jack Sparrow...Sorry! Captain Jack Sparrow! To grace our screens once more!! This time alas without the help of his trusty friend Will Turner, Orlando Bloom, and his ever - in - trouble bride Elizabeth Swan, Keira Knightly! However, all is not thrown overboard as Jack is joined by a ramble of new stars !!
Jack appears to be on a mission to find the Fountain of Youth, where film number 3 left us in waiting. On this venture however, there is talk of him having to find the Black Pearl (*Gasps*), a rumour of an on screen romance (*Bigger gasps!*) and ever the introduction of the pirate legend that is Blackbeard!!!! (*HUGE GASP!!*).
One of the stars in the midst is the wonderful Penelope Cruiz, who takes the role of the beautiful Angelica, who lures Jack into a trap, full of action and suspense.
Not only does the bountiful amount of stars drag us to watch this awaited picture, however there is also talk of Mermaids!!! And Zombies !!!!!! the word that immediately comes to my mind is AWESOME !!!
The latest instalment of the piratical series will be hitting our screens hopefully May 20th , which I am sure pirates and pirate lovers everywhere is holding there breathe for!!!

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  1. EEEEEeeeeeeeee! <<--that's my exciteable sound! Pirates=good Zombies=good Mermaids=good Whole Franchise=AWESOME!