Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas 2011 AND Hello 2012 !

Hello 2012 !!

And what a fab year you promise to be already!!!! In October I blogged about gaining work experience for my PGCE that I was applying for, well, I have received an interview spot at Manchester University today!!!! I am soooo Happpy!!!!!!! So I need to get my numeracy and interview skills on as my interview is on the 26th January !!! So not long !

I am so happy! I didn't really want a repeat of last year as things didn't really go exactly to plan last year, SO this year WILL be a good year. I have an amazing boyfriend, a lovely family, mental friends and a hopeful career a head of me! Let the stress begin. 
So yes, Christmas. Well, my lovely diet went completely out the window when I began to eat my weight in chocolate. So much so that I fell asleep on Christmas Day when I was meant to be making my way to my boyfriends house. Bad times. I did however, get some rather sexy shoes....check out these awesome things 

irregular choice red suede bow shoes
(Imagine these red ones in black...but they are nice in red) 

I have some seriously awesome footwear to be wearing when I return to uni. Fab-u-lous!!! 
It was awesome. I hope that things will continue to get better as I could do with a bit of good luck. I am now going to eat more Maltesers and watch Mrs Brown's Boys, which you should so check out. 

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