Friday, 6 January 2012

Mr Darcy Complex - this should have been on the end of the last blog post....

“Yes,” Twix paused, scanning me with her heavily massacred eyes. “You were thinking about him again weren’t you?”



“So, what if I was?”

“Love, you have to let that go. What happened happened and I for one am glad it did. He was a monster. Now, I am going to get ready for tonight. I will see you misses at la Vino house at seven. You better bloody be there, I need a help in resolving my current Crisis by moving on!” Twix stood up, dusted herself off and gathered her things.

“I promise I will be there. In my best dress and shoes, I think I need a glass or two to be honest” I replied opening the door for Twix the pack horse and all her bags. She planted a kiss on my cheek and fell out of the door.

Shutting the door, I sat back down on the sofa and sipped at my tea. It had been three years since my last long term relationship. I thought I had found my Mr Darcy; turns out he was just another Wickham. I fell head over heels for Marcus during college, quite literally in fact as he crashed into me whilst I was carrying some books and I ended up in A&E. Nothing major just a crash to the head, not quite the conventional meeting that might have happened but it was an interesting party story. He was nice enough to take me to A&E and when in conversation present himself as the most arrogant and idiotic individual I have ever met in my entire life. Through several meetings afterwards, not by my choice, I eventually warmed to his manner and a serenade or two from his guitar resulted in several dates. Twix didn’t like him from the start, “Abbie, you cannot be serious! He is a total idiot and he said that he didn’t like my beret. He is shifty, there is something not quite right about him. Crashing into girl and gets a date. Mark my words, he is bad news”. Turns out she was right, and he had crashed into quite a few girls as well. Eight I believe. Bastard. I found out when I phoned him letting him know I was coming round and he didn’t pick up, so I went round any way. This was a bad move. I found him between another girls legs, arguments happened, she ran out half naked and I punched him in the face. Happily ever after, I think not.

Ever since then it’s been quite difficult to let my guard down to someone as I have always felt insecure since then. So until I find Mr Right, I am happy just being me, myself and I. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Darcy Complex - 2. The Mr Darcy and Wine Appreciation Club

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