Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Epic Adventure to Cambridge !

Yes. I have been bad. My interview for Manchester is this week and I go galavanting off to Cambridge. BUT, It was awesome and it has helped with my focus to have a break. I went to visit my friend's Anna, Ben, Will and Gary, along with some of the girls that my friend Anna brought up during the holidays who were lovely and probably thought I am a bit batty.

Well, I left Friday midday and got to Cambridge at three. It was a pretty good journey apart from the fact that King's Cross Station is a complete LET DOWN!! It is nothing like the Harry Potter films suggest so major disappointment. Not a happy camper. I arrived in and met my friend Ben, we then wandered back to his house whilst we waited for Anna to arrive. We sat for ages and chatted so it was lovely just to catch up. THEN the hilarity began. Anna has been going on for a while about going to this thing called a "formal" which is a regular evening event where Cambridge students can bring friends, but boys must wear suits and girls must look formal at is a very fancy pants meal. Anna and Franky (another friend) wore there robes. That's right. ROBES! OK they called them gowns. BUT they were robes, no matter what they say. I wore my new dress and then we went on our merry way. The formal started with a Latin prayer which I had to resist the urge to laugh all the way through. It was lovely though so huzzah!
Me and Franky at Formal. 
Me, not functioning well at all formal as formal environments make me want to act silly!! 
Anna lives in Sidney Sussex house. THEY HAVE THERE OWN WINE!!! posh much. 
After the fun at the formal we then met up with my friends at the pub and had a game of bar billiards. I had never played this game before, yet I managed to win a round. Winner! 
Just missed my shot. Bad times.
Bar Billiards. 
Em going up for a shot. 
Anna asked me to pose. This was it. WOOO! (sorry if it offends anyone!) 
Franky, Lynn, Me and Em! Lovely ladies. 
Gary, being a bit special. 
Ben and Anna :) lovely lovely people. 
this was meant to be a photo of me and Anna. But Ben RUINED IT !!!! but....we edited a new version! 
much better !
 The next day, Anna and I decided to touristy things like see the colleges and go round museums. Happy days for touristy things!! 
Punts and Bikes. Cambridge is full of em!
More bikes and punts. We were meant to go punting yet it just didn't seem to want to stay sunny enough for it to happen. So next time ! and there will be a next time !! 
nice picture of bikes and punts. 
Sidney Sussex flag. Yes, they have a flag too!!
A college. Can't remember which one.
St Johns College. UBER posh.
More of St Johns.
At this moment I began to believe St Johns was in fact Ravenclaw and Cambridge is secretly Hogwarts! I will find more proof but the robes and this are part of my proof god dammit !!!! 
All in all it was a lovely weekend and I thank Anna and everyone for making it so enjoyable !! I will return for another magical trip to the land of Cambridge. But for now, back to work ! !
How's your weekend been people? 
Abbly xxx


  1. Hi Abbie!!!!!
    Yay,you're the winner of my giveaway,darling!!!
    What a jolly fine way to meet you!!!
    Now,I must apologise;in my video I called you Abblyfish Bottom....this was because I made my mate Nix write down all the names of the entrants,and by the time she got to yours,she was abbrieviating them,and writing funny,so that is what it looked like when I went to read it!Erk!
    Anyway,I am clearly a bit special,like your Gary there!
    Now,do email me me,, so I can get your fabulous details in order to post you your prize!
    O,and my G reckons we need to join your Mr Darcy and wine appreciation club.........XXX

  2. Hiya Helga !

    I AM SO EXCITED ! I just watched the video and I laughed so much! made me seriously giggle !! okiedokie I shall email asap with my address and such. I am so happy this is the first competition I have won so happy days !! Oh my dear you can both join the Mr Darcy and Wine appreciation club any day ;) tehe xxx

  3. Hi Abbly Fish Bot! Thanks for your comment. More blogging please - tell us more about you! Sarah xxx