Sunday, 19 February 2012


Well Blogger it's been a while, what has been going on in my life thus far I hear you ask? *deathly silence*......WELL I have had a busy couple of weeks. Even though it has been a reading week, I have done barely any reading BUT I have kick started an essay or two so happy days for me....
This is pretty much how I feel right now. Ergh. 
But any way! I have been EXCEPTIONALLY lucky as I have been the PROUD winner of the lovely Helga's giveaway of two exceptionally fabulous vintage handbags!! HOW LUCKY AM I !! Very is the word :)! Check out her fabulous blog here -
This woman is a complete and utter babe !!! Thanks again love !
ALSO, My friend Vikki decided that for her 19th birthday she wanted to do a thing called Go Ape and also have a night out on the day of her birthday. Expensive but completely worth it. Now, Go Ape is not something for the faint hearted as it is basically running around in exceptionally tall trees harnessed minimally and in complete charge of your own safety (you are briefed on safety before hand so it's all good). I was really scared because as much fun as it sounded, death by zip wire was not my cup of tea. When I was there however, the adrenaline rush was great and it resulted in an amazing time. 
One of the MANY zip wires. 
An example of some tree top activities! 
If you get chance to go then I highly recommend it ! even if you are scared of heights, it helps conquer them and ALSO there is "easy" routes to take. 
Also, it has been Valentines Day. It's generally a panic day for me as I am not terribly sure what to get the other half even though I know him pretty damn well. It is a day where I always manage to convince myself that the present I have bought is utter crap. This year we decided not to do cards so that was fine and Dan's always been obsessed with my friend Liv's cuddly toy squishy cow, so I got him a Squishy Monkey which he was happy about so happy days ! The valentines present he bought me a lovely dress that I picked out, which was great as we had a night out to go to and it was LUSH! AND it was in the sale (my favourite word) for £7.00 from New Look so winner all round!! I don't have a great picture of it at the moment I only have pictures from the night out, but here ya go...
Me and Le Boyface. The dress is ace as it has a kind of sixties vibe and it has a light brown waist belt with it and I love it ! 
This is me with my friends Bex and Vikki, it was Vikki's birthday and this was when we began to sing Build Me Up Buttercup on Karaoke. After that we moved on to the night clubs and pulls some moves!
Well that is my life in a nutshell thus far. I apologies in advance if I don't get the chance to blog much, essays and dissertation shall be the bane of my life for a while. But, when I have a brief moment to breath I will be on it like a car bonnet and blog my booty off :)
How's everyone else's week/end been? I hope eventful! 
Abbly xxxx

P.S. If anyone loves me, make me a cuppa tea and bring it too me. I am feeling far to lazy to move 2 meters to my left to stick the kettle on.... I'm not lazy..... all the time...... OK I am a student but shush =P


  1. Abbly Fish Bot - that frock is quite gorgeous. Good to see you gals enjoying your karaoke (Helga and I don't mind a bit of a squawk at karaoke either!) We're all busy as fuck, love, it's no excuse not to blog! Sarah xxx

    PS I will pay you ten million dollars to remove the word verification from comments - I promise you won't get spam and we'll all love you LONG TIME for doing so.

  2. Hey Sarah :)

    I think I have sorted it now. I am not terribly technologically apt so I hope it has worked :S!! Hope you are well !

    Abbly xxx

  3. Bugger the trees,I couldn't be doing that in Helga Heels!!!
    Yes indeed,you should be so lucky,lucky lucky LUCKY!
    Fab frock,a most sensible V-Day pressie!!!