Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SQWEEEE I JUST GOT A PARCEL !!! My first EVER blogger win!!

WOOOOOO! I am one happy happy girl :)!!! 
I just received a package from the AWESOME Helga (check her out here http://helgavontrollop.blogspot.com/)!!!
I entered her giveaway a few weeks back thinking that I would probably never win, but as the big lottery man says, You've go to be in it to win it!
I commented and to be honest didn't think about it, until I returned to Blogger and she had posted a video displaying I had won. In the video she called me Abblyfish Bottom, think I might change my name to that =P sounds cooler ! 
Here is everything I received .....
 This is what the postie gave me :) 
 A serious amount of bubblewrap. BUT it has kept me entertained for a good while. 
 I love this owl ring ! it is SUPER cute and will become one of my everyday rings I think. 
 A very cute purse that fits into my night out bag, so I can keep my change safe !
 A lovely carpet bag ! gonna make good use of it!
 A cute scarf, I have a blue top that this shall look smashing with it.
 Another handbag which is AWESOME! very happy! 
 Two lovely necklaces ! they are both very nice and me thinks I shall definitely make good use of.
I so happy right now, its been like Christmas ! 
Thank you Helga and your major amount of goodies.
Abbly xxxxxx


  1. Babycakes,you are so welcome!
    especially when you entertain me with posts like that last one!!!

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